New CourtLink® user interface includes an improved Court Info tab (Nov / Dec 2013)

New CourtLink® user interface includes an improved Court Info tab (Nov / Dec 2013)

The new CourtLink® service interface that debuted this fall features a new look, and the research features you’re familiar remain in the same locations so you can continue to navigate quickly and easily. (See graphics in PDF)

Take a closer look via this short video. You can still search across more than 168 million federal and state court dockets and documents with CourtLink Single Search. You can monitor activity in existing cases with CourtLink Tracks. Order federal and state documents. Set a variety of CourtLink Alerts—even New Event Alerts for proceedings and document filings and Defense Counsel Alerts to track news cases for specific colleagues or competitors. Plus compile docket information into Strategic Profiles of judges, opposing counsel, litigant and nature of suits.

With so many options and such comprehensive coverage, you may need a closer look at what CourtLink features are available in what courts—and exactly what court coverage is provided.

New Court Info tab: Get details on what’s available—practically any way you want it 

With federal court coverage and approximately 1,139 state courts available, CourtLink now provides an easy way to check coverage and currentness details. Even set alerts from this helpful tab

You have several search options when you choose the Court Info tab:

View Court Help Files

Select a state from Court Help Files pull-down list and click View Court Information. Get a court system overview and then get availability details by specific court—see case type and coverage, update frequency, how current
the data is, etc. 

Available Court Search

Create a chart of CourtLink capabilities. Print and customize it. Set Alerts directly from the chart.

Select Federal Courts or a state from the Court System pull-down list. Then choose a Court Type. You can limit your search to specific CourtLink capabilities by using the checkboxes, e.g., view only runner or online courts.
After making your selections, click View Availability.

For example, select California from the Court System list and Superior Courts from the Court Type list.

Use the column links to refine and sort your chart. For example, to filter out runner courts, select Online from the pull-down list under Court Access. Or use the Court Access column link to sort the runner courts to the
bottom of the chart. 

Click a Yes link in the Alert column and open an Alert Categories box where you can choose to Set a New Alert. Just click the link and move directly to the Alert Set-Up screen.