Show Me How! See how to use Lexis Advance® features—Now (March 2014)

Show Me How! See how to use Lexis Advance® features—Now (March 2014)

Sometimes that’s all you need: a chance to see it in action … a fast review. (See graphics in PDF)

Now you’ve got it. The Lexis Advance® Support site now offers more than 20 new videos that walk you through the most frequently used features or resources at Lexis Advance. Each video is three minutes or less—a quick walk-through guided by a Lexis Advance product specialist.

All Show Me How titles are conveniently located on the Lexis Advance Support site Video page. Review there.(There are a variety of other Lexis Advance tutorials available. Look for Show Me How in the title to find the short reviews described here.) Or use the Share Video link below each video to send these quick tips to your attorneys or your librarian colleagues. Load them to your Lexis Advance page on your reference site.

These topics are now covered by Show Me How videos: (Watch for more!)

    • Navigating the Landing Page on Lexis Advance
    • Archived Legislative Content
    • 50 State Statutes (and Regulations)
    • Introducing 15 million+ CourtLink® Briefs,
    • Pleadings & Motions
    • Tab Management
    • Setting Up Alerts
    • Basics of Work Folders
    • Work Folders & Alerts
    • TOCs (Table of Content Sources)
    • Case File
    • Terms & Connectors
    • ATLEAST Command
    • Case Insensitivity for all Connectors
    • Introducing Sources in the Word Wheel
    • State Popular Names in the Word Wheel
    • Segments on Lexis Advance
    • Segment Search Support for News
    • Cite Searching Technology
    • Citation Pinpoint Support
    • Browse (Legal) Topics
    • Basics of Filtering and Results Navigation
    • Hits Views on Lexis Advance
    • Enhanced Court Filtering
    • Docket Post Search Filters
    • Document Delivery
    • Leveraging Research Map