LexisNexis® Information Professional Update, May 2017

LexisNexis® Information Professional Update, May 2017

Litigate with confidence

Legal professionals can access expert civil procedure insights and step-by-step guidance—plus exclusive video content—in The Wagstaffe Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial. The guide is available now via the Lexis Advance® service, in print or as a LexisNexis® eBook. Gain more trusted authority to help attorneys litigate confidently and efficiently. Learn more.

Smarter Analytics:
Access law firm analysis—right from your case

With newly expanded Lex Machina® integration, Lexis Advance users can monitor law firms in addition to the judicial litigation trends made available earlier this year. Just two clicks from your full-text case takes you to Lex Machina® Legal Analytics®. Gain valuable insights on legal professionals. Take a look at law firm analysis.

Added Lexis Advance® document flexibility:
New TOC features, plus full-text case linking to related court materials, additional style formats and more

The latest Lexis Advance release provides added document flexibility, including new Table of Contents search features, as well as handy links that take you right from a full-text case to related briefs, pleadings, motions and dockets. When you copy text, now you can choose from more citation style formats. In addition, you can convert documents into PDFs using Shepard’s® BriefCheck™. These new enhancements help researchers get to their desired results and use these relevant results more efficiently. Get the details.

More must-have content:
Better international news searching, expanded public records and a new litigation practice guide with integrated videos

Now you have more comprehensive tools and resources for gathering international news, conducting thorough investigations of people and businesses, and practicing federal litigation. The latest release includes more international and public records content, plus a new federal civil procedure practice guide with integrated videos. Find out more.

Speed, Search Power and Easier Results Review:
Enhancements to help you achieve stronger results

A range of new Lexis Advance® enhancements help you start faster, search more effectively and get to the heart of what you need. See the latest.

Statutory and regulatory content backed by a sound editorial process

To help customers make legal claims with confidence, LexisNexis® attorney-editors, legal analysts and publishing professionals adhere to a 25-step editorial process for statutes and a 21-step process for regulatory content. Get a quick overview.

Digest of LexisNexis® InfoPro Weekly—April 2017

Stay on top of vital resources with this quick update. Link to the latest literature updates, product releases, webinars and training.