LexisNexis® Information Professional Update—August 2017

LexisNexis® Information Professional Update—August 2017

Find relevant insight fast with better digital access to more legal treatises

LexisNexis and ALM together are now offering a select variety of ALM® titles electronically via LexisNexis® Digital Library and the LexisNexis® Store. Plus, a convenient new Search this set feature in LexisNexis Digital Library helps you quickly determine which volume to access in multi-volume titles, including treatises, and find the discussion you want to read right away. Gain more value from treatises faster. See how.

Practice-area spotlight:
Help clients conduct securities offerings and comply with the ever-changing matrix of financial regulations

Federal administration change has introduced heightened uncertainty in an area of law already entwined in a tangled web of statutory law and regulations. LexisNexis tools and resources help you stay current with changes in the law, as well as market trends and industry standards. Take a look.

LR&W instructors achieve optimal results with updated teaching tools

If your work as an information professional involves teaching legal research to law students, you can benefit from access to several high-quality, interactive teaching tools LexisNexis provides to supplement legal research and writing (LR&W) curricula. Find out more.

Digest of LexisNexis® InfoPro Weekly—July 2017

Stay on top of vital resources with this quick update. Link to the latest literature updates, product releases, webinars and training.