Special corporate counsel edition of The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal™ focuses on data security, risk assessment and compliance

Special corporate counsel edition of The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal™ focuses on data security, risk assessment and compliance

In the context of recent data breaches—and with the interests of in-house, corporate and general counsel in mind—a special edition of The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal™ was released in late October with an emphasis on data security, risk assessment and compliance.

The journal provides subscribers with forward-thinking coverage of the latest legal trends, along with practical guidance for specific areas of law. The special edition includes these articles:

  • In-house Counsel’s Role in Cybersecurity & Data Protection: Discover tips on aligning internal and external resources to best manage the data security procedures a company must implement for regulatory compliance while protecting data related to customers, vendors and competitors.
  • Creating a Compliance Program: Get practical steps for developing and implementing a compliance program that can be used globally, regardless of industry or the size of your company.
  • Completing a Risk Assessment: Explore the way a well-devised process helps companies identify specific vulnerabilities and provide the opportunity to mitigate the risks that are most likely to occur. When undertaken as part of a corporate compliance program, risk assessment can help business leaders effectively manage and mitigate legal and regulatory risk.
  • What Companies Need to Know about Protecting Confidential Information under the New ACC Guidelines: Dig into model information protection and security controls released by the Association of Corporate Counsel in response to increased concerns about cybersecurity. These guidelines can serve as a benchmark for law firm cybersecurity practices.

Other articles include:

  • A review of issues employers should consider when integrating robotics and automation into the workforce
  • Top 10 practice tips related to public company reporting

This winter you can look forward to the next quarterly edition, focusing on the impact of eCommerce on commercial leases, Life Sciences Patent challenges and drafting documents effectively while avoiding accidental contracts.

The digital edition of the journal is a complimentary supplement to each subscription to the Lexis Practice Advisor® practical guidance solution. Subscribers also can request a print version.

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