Orchestrate corporate transactions more efficiently with exceptional drafting, market research and legal know-how resources

Orchestrate corporate transactions more efficiently with exceptional drafting, market research and legal know-how resources

LexisNexis helps deal attorneys take on familiar tasks with greater efficiency while achieving better outcomes—and approach new tasks with confidence. A best-in-class collection of tools makes it easier to:

  • Stay current on key national and regional developments in niche areas of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) practice
  • Obtain professional insight on key tasks by taking advantage of step-by-step practical guidance content from top practitioners at the best law firms
  • Apply sophisticated analytics to mine publicly filed deals for precedent to repurpose, or to better understand current market standards on deal terms
  • Track the latest decisions, guidance and interpretive materials from relevant financial reporting and antitrust agencies
  • Strategize, organize and conduct comprehensive due diligence investigations
  • Litigate M&A-related claims and identify trends in class actions to inform your case strategies and business development efforts

Here are some examples:

To stay current on the latest guidance from the FTC, DOJ, SEC and other regulators, or perform deep-dive research into historical materials …


LexisNexis has an industry-leading collection of content from nearly 60 federal regulatory agencies on Lexis Advance® and Lexis® Securities Mosaic®, as well as highly followed newsletters, blog aggregators and other tools to help you keep abreast of the latest developments.

To monitor M&A deals currently happening in the marketplace, as well as legislative, regulatory and professional developments and financial news …


Law360® offers exceptional, timely news coverage of major employment cases and industry trends. Also, LexisNexis offers exclusive access to The Wall Street Journal® (including digital editions) and WSJ Pro content for the day’s financial news, as well as deep archived content. You can also keep pace with analysis of key corporate transactions through The Deal Pipeline® and the Mergerstat® M&A Database.

To quickly locate the essential insight you need to understand the law …


The Lexis Advance service connects you to a leading collection of Corporate and M&A treatises and practice guides, including key Matthew Bender® offerings and Law Journal Press® publications. For extensive guidance on various M&A and private equity-related transactions in foreign locales, turn to the Getting the Deal Through series. All these resources are curated for ease of access within the Lexis Advance Corporate and M&A Practice Center.


To negotiate and draft airtight deal documents informed by current market standards …


Lexis Practice Advisor® content helps you develop legal know-how by providing drafting advice, checklists and forms. You can use them to identify opportunities and pitfalls and advance your clients’ interests. Also, quickly sort and filter recent publicly filed M&A agreements to locate precedent you can repurpose and to understand market standards through Transactions Search powered by Intelligize®. Finally, with integrated access to Lexis Practice Advisor form documents and Contract Companion® proofreading tools, M&A attorneys can realize significant workflow efficiency gains by using Lexis® for Microsoft® Office.

To identify trends and unearth critical intelligence on judges, firms and litigants in M&A and securities litigation matters and enforcement actions …

Lex Machina® offers the industry’s signature analytics platform for sophisticated research into many shareholder litigation topics.

For companies and firms with a global reach seeking to monitor regulatory and market changes in key foreign jurisdictions …

MLex® provides sophisticated coverage of regulatory developments in the global financial marketplace.


The Lexis Advance Corporate and M&A Practice Center

This convenient practice center provides all the resources previously listed in one place in an organized structure. From the Lexis Advance® Research pull-down menu, just go to the Browse menu and select Practice Centers > By Practice Area or Industry > Corporate and M&A.

Top M&A sources are easy to find, including key secondary sources such as Matthew Bender M&A Practice Guide and Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers, regulatory materials, agency materials, statutes, cases and news.


Lexis Practice Advisor Corporate and M&A

Our comprehensive legal know-how solution provides how-to instruction and best practices, model forms and checklists, market trend insights, and current awareness materials created specifically for Lexis Practice Advisor by more than 100 leading attorneys in the securities and capital markets area of law. 


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