Lexis Advance® Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Page

Lexis Advance® Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Page

Find top life sciences and pharmaceutical sources as soon as you sign in. The Lexis Advance® Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Page brings your trusted, go-to sources to the first screen you see—comprehensive primary sources (cases, codes and regulations); forms; authoritative analysis, practical guidance and expert commentary; plus relevant and trusted news you can’t find elsewhere. Designed specifically for legal and industry professionals focused on life sciences and pharmaceuticals, you can see the sources you count on and discover what else can help you, even tools beyond Lexis Advance, before your first click. Add your own favorite or often-used sources to the page for even faster access. Lexis Advance Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Page … Cut right to the chase.


Get the best information to work from—authoritative LexisNexis® resources, coupled with expertise from veteran authors and legal editors who specialize in life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

    • Monitor the state of the law affecting the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries with immediate access to federal and state cases, statutes and regulations. Spend less time searching, and more time reviewing and analyzing FDA, HHS, PTO, HIPPA and related legal and regulatory issues.
    • Powerhouse treatises—Rely with confidence on the authoritative analysis in unmatched U.S. and global analytical treatises.  Fully understand your compliance obligations with Regulation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Biotechnology & Nanotechnology Regulation, as well as complex patent issues with Chisum on Patents and Baxter World Patent Law.  Effectively maximize your business interests with Milgrim on Trade Secrets, Milgrim on Licensing and Technology Licensing and Development Agreements, and protect your assets worldwide with Grey Markets:  Prevention, Detection and Litigation and International Pharmaceutical Law and Practice.
    • Plan effective litigation strategy with Drug Product Liability and Drugs in Litigation: Awards Involving Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs. 
    • Access better news and better insights with relevant and timely analysis and commentary on breaking industry and legal news from the FDC Reports, including The Pink Sheet, The Gold Sheet and The Tan Sheet, FDA Bulletins, Law360® Life Sciences, Mealey’s® Emerging Drugs & Devices and more, plus access our exclusive combination of top daily news sources including The Wall Street Journal®, The New York Times® and many other premiere publications.


Start working faster with better direction. LexisNexis editors review the deep resources across LexisNexis and ensure the most relevant life sciences and pharmaceutical sources are at the top of the page. You uncover the best life sciences and pharmaceutical resources—the ones most likely to help you—in the least time.

    • Top titles stay within reach. Most-used and best-regarded life sciences and pharmaceutical sources—primary law, secondary analysis, daily industry news, law reviews, journals and more—are in your sightline. Click once and go.
    • Uncover the unexpected. What you don’t know can hurt you. The Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Page brings you the best possibilities, including resources you didn’t know existed.
    • Make it your page. Add other most-used sources or your source combinations to the easy-to-access Favorites pod. Plus you can make the Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Practice Page the first screen you see after you sign into Lexis Advance.


Leverage the differentiators. Lexis Advance tools help you dig deeper faster, with features no other online publisher offers.

    • Mitigate litigation risk and costs and review past cases to assess opportunity and risk with your current case with LexisNexis® Verdict & Settlement Analyzer*.
    • Get built-in research help. The red search box offers legal phrase suggestions and points you to popular entertainment and sports law cases and statutes as you enter your search.  Plus your search is automatically filtered to your practice area. 
    • Select a case passage—and uncover connections. No search or cite is needed with Legal Issue Trail™, exclusive to Lexis Advance. Pinpoint cases that reference a passage you select, revealing connections you may not see otherwise.
    • Work anytime, anywhere on practically any device. Screens for Lexis Advance Practice Pages adapt automatically to fit the size of your device. (And you can print easily with a Safari® plug-in.) No apps needed.

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