Lexis Advance®—Recent Enhancements Requested by Librarians

Lexis Advance®—Recent Enhancements Requested by Librarians

LexisNexis continues to develop and enhance products, acquire key content and build strategic partnerships with your feedback fueling our progress every step of the way. Here are highlights of recent Lexis Advance enhancements requested by librarians.

Lexis Advance Full News Archive:

Lexis Advance now offers 99.9 percent of all lexis.com® content, including a vast, unmatched news collection with deep archives. Rely on the most comprehensive collection of news and business sources in the legal market.

Lexis Advance now includes all the archived news available at lexis.com—including full archives for The Washington Post® and exclusive offerings like The New York Times®, as well as legal-market exclusives like The Wall Street Journal® and ALM® publications. Some news source archives date back 60 years. You won’t find this comprehensive coverage with any other online legal research provider.

You can access news sources in a variety of ways, including the Red Search Box, the Explore Content pod, the Browse pull-down menu and a wide variety of Practice Pages.

News Deduplication:

News Deduplication automatically suppresses multiple versions of the same or highly similar articles from your results list; for example, multiple newswire stories released at different times. You view the top document—and still have quick access to the similar documents. Choose the level of deduplication (from least to greatest) according to your needs:

  • Off (no deduplication)—the default setting for when you want to see every result
  • High Similarity—suppress only those documents that closely resemble your “lead” document
  • Moderate Similarity—suppress more documents that resemble your lead document

The deduplication tool displays above your news results list so you can easily make your selection.

Lexis Advance Segments:

Segments are important for precision searching and the number of segments available via Lexis Advance continues to grow. Access this overview to see what is currently available and planned for the future.

The Lexis Advance Explore Content Feature:

The Explore Content feature—located front and center on the Lexis Advance® home page—shows you available sources more quickly so you can choose, search and review results for just the sources you want. Simply click through the source hierarchy to choose the source(s) you need. You can also search all the sources available on any page. Or keep refining your selection by content type, jurisdiction or practice area. Even use Advanced Search forms to further target your search results. You can still find sources or build group sources as you have in the past—all browsing and source selection features are still available. Learn more >>