Lexis Advance® Keeps Evolving to Meet Your Needs

Lexis Advance® Keeps Evolving to Meet Your Needs

LexisNexis continues to develop and enhance products, acquire key content and build strategic partnerships with your feedback fueling our progress every step of the way. Here are highlights of the most recent Lexis Advance release. Access the PDF for the full overview.

Get a document faster—with the cite, party name or docket number. Select the Get a Doc Assistance link above the Red Search Box for fast help retrieving a document by citation—or a case by party name or docket number. If you don’t know the citation format, this feature is designed to help you find the right one fast.

Additional Practice Centers include Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, North Carolina, Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing.

Search multiple sources simultaneously. Select from nearly 900 group sources using the Red Search Box. When you enter terms in the Red Search Box, the suggestions now include select group sources, in addition to the individual sources, documents and legal phrases you’ve seen in the past. See the list of group sources on page 4 of the PDF.

Get administrative code cites in your preferred format. Save time when copying text with a citation from administrative code sources by selecting a citation style format from more than 20 options.

Navigate seamlessly from one citing reference to another in the Shepard’s® Citations services. Move easily between citing references using links at the top of your Shepardized™ document. Even see the case name and cite of the document you’re about to view. Click, and you’ll move directly to the first citing reference to your case located in the next citing case. The next/previous reference links “float” with you as you navigate through the citing reference. Quickly see how your opinion is treated by multiple citing sources.

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