Lexis Advance® Patent Practice Center

Lexis Advance® Patent Practice Center

Find top patent law sources as soon as you sign in. The Lexis Advance® Patent Practice Center brings your trusted, go-to sources to the first screen you see—comprehensive primary sources (federal cases, agency decisions, codes and regulations); authoritative analysis, practical guidance and expert commentary; plus relevant and trusted news you can’t find elsewhere. Designed specifically for patent law practitioners, you can see the sources you count on and discover what else can help you, even tools beyond Lexis Advance, before your first click. Add your own favorite or often-used sources to the Center for even faster access. Lexis Advance Patent Practice Center—cut right to the chase.


Get the best information to work from—authoritative LexisNexis® resources, coupled with expertise from distinguished practitioners and veteran authors who specialize in patent law.

  • Powerhouse treatises. Rely with confidence on more than 50 authoritative treatises covering patent prosecution and litigation, including Chisum on Patents, the most-cited patent law treatise since its release in 1978 with citations in over 1,050 federal patent law decisions (twice as many as Moy’s Walker on Patents by Thomson Reuters). Other leading Matthew Bender® titles include Patent Law Digest by Donald Chisum, Horwitz on Patent Litigation, Patent Office Rules and Practice by Lester Horwitz and Ethan Horwitz, Baxter World Patent Law and Patent Licensing Transactions. Take advantage of expertise from the LexisNexis IP Law & Strategy Series from Oxford University Press, ALM® Law Journal Press® and American Intellectual Property Law Association Model Patent Jury Instructions written by top attorneys and designed to make the law accessible and practical from a business perspective.
  • Monitor the current state of patent law with quick access to a vast catalog of primary law content including federal cases with embedded images and USPQ pagination, Patent Trial and Appeal Board filings and decisions. Statutes and regulations include United State Code Service Title 35—Patents; Code of Federal Regulations Title 37—Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.
  • Uncover patent registrations. Customers with access to patent registrations can search these databases, including European, Japanese, Patent Cooperation Treaty, United Kingdom and United States.
  • Analyze cases and patents with high-quality analysis from Shepard’s® Citations Service, which provides on-point cases and details the cases that have cited specific patents. Spend less time finding and more time analyzing, with fast access to federal cases, patents, statutes and regulations.
  • Better news, better insights with relevant and timely analysis and commentary on breaking patent law news from Law360® Intellectual Property, Law360 Technology, Mealey’s® Daily News Update—IP/Tech, Intellectual Property Today and Mealey’s® Litigation Report: Intellectual Property, plus access our exclusive combination of top daily news sources including The Wall Street Journal®, The New York Times® and many other premier sources.
  • Research scientific journals from Elsevier® and ProQuest IEEE to uncover non-patent prior art for patent prosecution.


Start working faster with better direction. LexisNexis editors review the deep resources across LexisNexis and ensure the most relevant patent law sources are at the top of the Center. You uncover the best patent law resources—the ones most likely to help you—in the least time.

  • Top titles stay within reach. Most-used and best-regarded patent law sources—primary law, secondary analysis, daily industry news and more—are in your sightline. Click once and go.
  • Uncover the unexpected. What you don’t know can hurt you. The Patent Practice Center brings you the best possibilities, including resources you didn’t know existed.
  • Need a bigger picture? You’ve got it—A to Z. Select View all sources and get a full, alphabetical listing of LexisNexis patent law resources. You can be confident you don’t miss a thing.
  • Research a legal topic—no search needed. No extra steps either. Key legal topics for patent law practitioners are right on your Center. Select and review results.
  • Make it your Center. Add other most-used sources or your source combinations to the easy-to-access Favorites pod, plus rearrange Practice Center pods the same way you can on your Lexis Advance home page.


Leverage the differentiators, including Lexis Advance features that help you dig deeper faster and tools no other online publisher offers.

  • Access to exclusive patent solutions is just a click away. The LexisNexis TotalPatent OneTM* research platform offers the largest patent research database with over 100 patent authorities of bibliographic data, as well as full text from 32 authorities (bibliographic data plus Titles, Abstracts Descriptions, Claims, Citations, Families, Legal Status, Drawings, PDFs). You can also link from U.S. patents cited in Lexis Advance cases, agency decisions and secondary materials to the specific full-text patent in TotalPatent® or a free PDF of the patent.  LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Suite* of patent analytics tools enable intellectual property professionals to make better strategic decisions for patent prosecution. LexisNexis® PAIR Watch Patent Application Monitoring* offers an automated, enterprise-level alerting service that monitors the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Public PAIR website and sends alerts via email.
  • Get more of what you need for transactional work. Lexis Practice Advisor® Intellectual Property & Technology offering* provides step-by-step practical guidance on transactional matters and issues, plus with model forms drafted by leading practitioners, you can quickly customize documents for specific client situations.
  • Craft successful litigation strategies, win cases and close business by utilizing legal analytics of federal cases and PTAB decisions from Lex Machina®*.
  • Review dockets from all three patent law tribunals with LexisNexis® CourtLink®*, the leading docket research solution, providing access to Federal District Courts, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and International Trade Commission dockets.
  • Get built-in research help. The Red Search Box offers legal phrase suggestions and points you to popular patent law cases and statutes as you enter your search.  Plus your search is automatically filtered to your practice area. 
  • Select a case passage—and uncover connections. No search or cite is needed with Legal Issue Trail™, exclusive to Lexis Advance. Pinpoint cases that reference a passage you select, revealing connections you may not see otherwise.
  • Work anytime, anywhere on practically any device. Screens for Lexis Advance Practice Centers adapt automatically to fit the size of your device. (And you can print easily with a Safari® plug-in.) No apps needed.

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*Requires additional subscription.