Lexis® for Microsoft Office®: Burr & Forman Case Study

Lexis® for Microsoft Office®: Burr & Forman Case Study

Burr & Forman LLP is a full-service law firm with nearly 300 attorneys and offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. Burr & Forman offers a wide range of business and litigation services to diverse clients with local, national and international interests.

Business Situation: In 2012, the firm initiated a review of its online legal research providers and set out to restructure its contracts. In working with LexisNexis, the partners sought to bundle a variety of LexisNexis® research tools and services including Lexis® for Microsoft Office®, Lexis® Search Advantage and CourtLink®, in a way that would enable them to obtain the latest legal research technology within the most cost-effective pricing model.

Solution: The firm’s partners and knowledge services professionals met with a LexisNexis representative who demonstrated Lexis for Microsoft Office version 4.0 with Document Tools, an exclusive offering from LexisNexis that leverages the seamless integration of LexisNexis legal research content and the open Web with Microsoft Office applications attorneys use every day. A few senior litigation partners were immediately struck by the potential of this new offering and directed the law firm library team to include Lexis for Microsoft Office 4.0 with Document Tools in its new bundled agreement.


  • Timesavings—Burr & Forman legal professionals are now able to complete citation checks in briefs in as little as 30 minutes, as opposed to the three to four hours that were routine in the past.
  • Installation—Lexis for Microsoft Office was successfully rolled out inside the firm in a smooth and seamless manner, which enabled the firm to achieve widespread adoption and begin capturing the timesaving benefits very quickly.
  • Workflow—The seamless integration between Microsoft® Word and LexisNexis research content has made the drafting of work product much easier and more efficient for the firm’s attorneys, paralegals and other professionals.
  • Support—The Burr & Forman knowledge services team has received excellent customer service from LexisNexis, ranging from product developers to technical support professionals, and is encouraged by the product roadmap for Lexis for Microsoft Office.

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