More Legislative Resources Now Available in Lexis Advance®

More Legislative Resources Now Available in Lexis Advance®

In November, Lexis Advance® added more legislative resources! Content additions include:

    • Federal and State Legislator Profiles—Contact information and committee assignments for the current legislative session
    • State Voting Records—Legislators that voted for a specific bill and how they voted, available in jurisdictions where committee votes are made available publicly.

These additions complement the Legislative Outlook enhancement we released in early 2016.

Here’s where you will see these new Lexis Advance resources:

From the full-text view of a bill, look to the About This Document box in the right-hand pane:

 To access the Legislator Profile, click on the Legislator Profiles link.

You will find Voting Records via the Legislative Histories link. Clicking on this link will bring you a list of documents including voting records and other documents related to the bill.

 Do you have an idea that would make your legislative research more efficient? Let your Librarian Relations Consultant know!