The Past, Present and Future of Information Management Report

The Past, Present and Future of Information Management Report

From a physical to digital information world—how the data revolution is driving competitive advantage.

The one thing that is constant when we spend time with information management professionals is that their world continues to change. At LexisNexis, we feel a great responsibility to play a role in helping understand and navigate this turbulent environment. The industry is being impacted by changes in technology, the growing volume of information, big data and the rise of social networks, meaning the role of the information manager is changing too.

LexisNexis has undertaken this report to help organizations understand the nature and impact of these changes. Here we analyze the past and present, and look ahead with the aim of equipping today’s information managers with the tools they need to succeed.

This report is based on in-depth interviews with senior information executives, supplemented by a pan European survey of more than 500 people working in information services; encompassing information professionals, researchers, librarians and market intelligence professionals. In this report, we refer to this diverse group as information managers.

We encourage information managers and their colleagues to read the report and compare its findings with their own experiences. I believe it reveals some interesting disconnects which, if not addressed, may have a profound impact on information analysis and delivery across organizations.

We hope you find the report an interesting and valuable read.

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