LexisNexis Newsdesk® How To Videos

LexisNexis Newsdesk® How To Videos

Updated on: October 5, 2018

The LexisNexis® Librarian Relations Consultants are in the process of creating a series of quick videos to guide you through the basic tasks involved in using LexisNexis® Newsdesk. Use these videos for a quick refresher or to learn something new.

Please Note: You may notice that the Newsdesk interface differs slightly in some of these videos compared to the live product. We will be updating these videos as new functionality and interface design renders significant changes to Newsdesk. The overall  functionality remains the same. 

1. Basic Search. Learn basic search syntax and methods for simple searches.

1.1.    Basic Search: Intro to Searching

1.2.    Basic Search: Searching by Subject or Industry

1.3.    Basic Search: The Search Template

1.4.    Basic Search: The Refine Panel

1.5.    Basic Search: Feeds on Individual Sources

2. Advanced Search. Moving beyond the basics, these videos will guide you through more advanced options and how to limit your search results with precision.

2.1.    Advanced Search: Command Language Searching

2.2.    Advanced Search: Using Source Lists to Narrow Your Results

2.3.    Advanced Search: Using the Subject Filter to Narrow Your Results

3. Managing Results. Understand the tools available for managing your searches, including content curation and organizing your searches.

3.1.    Managing Results: The Results List

3.2.    Managing Results: Curating Content with Clippings Feeds

3.3.    Managing Results: Using Folders

 4. Sharing Content. Once you have your search set up, the next step is to share it. Learn how to deliver new results, whether you automate delivery or manually publish.

4.1.    Sharing Content: Exporting Feeds

4.2.    Sharing Content: Email Delivery 

4.3.    Sharing Content: Email Themes

4.4.    Sharing Content: Full-Text Delivery

5. Managing Content. Get a handle on the vast content available through LexisNexis Newsdesk. Learn how to create your own source lists and add RSS feeds.

5.1.    Managing Content: Source Lists

5.2.    Managing Content: User Added Content

6. Managing Users. If you are an admin user, you have access to a tool where you can add and edit users and create usage reports. Learn more about these important tasks.

6.1.   Managing Users: Adding & Editing Users

6.2.   Managing Users: Authorized Reader Users

7. Analytics. Newsdesk allows you to create charts and graphs from your media feeds in just a few clicks. Learn how to add analytics to your media monitoring output.

7.1.   Analytics: Creating Charts

7.2.   Analytics: Sharing Charts