Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques

Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques

In Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Second Edition, Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd continue their outstanding tradition of helping attorneys conduct commanding cross-examinations. The Second Edition offers deeper analysis of cross-examination methods, with more integration and interrelationship of techniques and principles. In analyzing thousands of new trial experiences, they present efficient techniques to confront the challenges of evolving admissibility standards and electronic discovery, and ultimately, help attorneys develop cross-examination skills that are critical to trial success.

You’ll find valuable advice on how to:

    • Use opponents’ objections as the springboard for deeper and broader cross-examinations
    • Sequence cross-examination to teach the theory of the case in the best way, and to literally expand the rules of admissibility
    • Use a witness’s own words to follow your theme and theory
    • Communicate winning theories in opening, cross and closing
    • Use tactical sequencing to create the most powerful cross
    • Prepare for devastating impeachment

Effective cross-examination is a science with established guidelines, identifiable techniques and definable methods. Attorneys can learn how to control the outcome with careful preparation, calculated strategy, effective skills and a disciplined demeanor. Pozner’s and Dodd’s treatise remains the definitive guide to preparing killer cross-examinations—only from LexisNexis®.

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