Preparation for Deposition in a Business Case—New DVD

Preparation for Deposition in a Business Case—New DVD

Complete, professional, billable preparation for your witnesses! Proper preparation of your client prior to their deposition can prevent mistakes that can cost you the trial or hurt your settlement. This DVD is designed with your client in mind; watching it helps your client prepare for the deposition experience, know what to expect, and understand the “dos and don’ts” of being deposed. Save your time by using this billable tool to prepare your client.


•  Pointers on avoiding the most common witness mistakes
         •  Saying too much
         •  Guessing
         •  Assuming

•  Guidance on correct behavior
         •  Listen carefully to the question
         •  Pause briefly to allow time for your attorney to react
         •  Always be honest
         •  Ask questions when you are unsure

•  Courtroom scenes for illustration of potential impact of “bad” answers

Help your clients help the case—prepare them for deposition.

Authored by long-time LexisNexis® authors Roger J. Dodd and Larry Pozner.

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