North Carolina Catalog of Resources

North Carolina Catalog of Resources

LexisNexis® Catalog of Legal Resources is specific to North Carolina, and is filled with authoritative treatises, practice guides, forms collections, the General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated and other resources that can help guide your decisions and provide the most effective representation—especially when confronted by complex or unresolved points of law. LexisNexis is your one-stop source for practical, proven-in-the-trenches guidance that helps you and your firm:

• Jump-start your research to find answers and vital background for handling issues you may be facing for the first time

• Zero in on key cases and statutory sections that are on-point with your facts

• Build cases more confidently by relying on analytical resources the courts themselves cite as authoritative

• Develop superior case strategy

• Prepare iron-clad transactional documents

• Craft new arguments or devise new methods of proceeding

Take a closer look at the dozens of titles available with authoritative resources exclusively from LexisNexis.