New Practice Guide Addresses LGBTQ Employment Law Issues

New Practice Guide Addresses LGBTQ Employment Law Issues

Authors Donald C. Davis, Esq. and John L. Litchfield, Esq. have created this essential, timely and comprehensive resource with practical tips, checklists, forms and expert analysis. This new practice guide is designed to assist employers, practitioners and employment law professionals called upon to advise and counsel individual and institutional clients on the legal and practical issues that arise in the employment law context as it relates to LGBTQ individuals.

Now available in a one-volume print edition and eBook format, LGBTQ Employment Law Practice Guide will:

(1) Provide federal and state-specific practical guidance to lawyers of all backgrounds and experience levels whose LGBTQ clients require effective representation to resolve or litigate a workplace-related dispute

(2) Assist employers’ counsel in drafting and designing culturally competent and sound workplace policies and practices that are both legally compliant and that protect the rights of LGBTQ workers

(3) Provide guidance to employer’s counsel in responding to an LGBTQ litigant’s charge or complaint of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

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