2018 Florida Catalog of Legal Resources

2018 Florida Catalog of Legal Resources

Practicing in Florida entails unique procedural, intellectual and practice management challenges. Each title in the LexisNexis® Florida Legal Library reflects an understanding of this reality. Inside this product listing you’ll find Florida portfolio written, annotated, refreshed and amended by Florida attorney authors and editors.


Here are just some of the resources you can turn to again and again for trusted, up-to-date guidance on Florida jurisdictional practice.

  • Gain an edge over opposing counsel with LexisNexis® Florida Practice Guides. These innovative resources feature a task-based, step-by-step format with practice tips from Florida practitioners and judges, timesaving forms and a host of matter management tools within practice areas ranging from Business Torts, to Personal Injury, to Contract Litigation and more.
  • LexisNexis® Florida Annotated Statutes, The Florida Bar Edition plus LexisNexis® Florida Rules of Court Annotated and Florida Administrative Code Annotated deliver accessible, current primary law coverage to your fingertips.
  • The extensive line of indispensable Florida Bar publications on nearly every topic of Florida law, from administration of trusts and corporate practice, to foreclosures and real property litigation.


Of course, some areas of law are more closely governed by state law than others, and not all Florida attorneys practice exclusively in Florida courts. Accordingly, the enclosed pages include leading, frequently cited national titles in specific areas of law, such as Collier on Bankruptcy®, Moore’s Federal Practice® and New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition.


LexisNexis eBooks allow you to consult critical legal texts from anywhere at any time. eBooks include active links, from citation references to relevant statutes, cases, treatises and other materials at the Lexis Advance service. When you order an eBook, you have access by signing in to the Download Center and clicking the Read Now button. Access to LexisNexis eBooks is even more convenient when your organization subscribes to the LexisNexis® Digital Library. This library management solution reduces your costs and improves availability, ensuring the door to your library is always open.

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