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Modern legal eBooks give you easy access to authoritative texts anytime and from anywhere. Plus, you can access convenient LexisNexis® eBooks with just one click. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer along with the Read Now feature, powered by OverDrive Read ® , to access your eBooks. ...

LexisNexis Launches Evidence Challenge, Integrates with eBooks (February 13, 2014)

LexisNexis® Legal & Professional announced it has launched an interactive, role-playing feature within selected eBooks called Evidence Challenge that helps second and third year law students sharpen their knowledge of evidence law. It is now accessible within 16 evidence-focused course books...

LexisNexis® Digital Library: List of Popular eReaders That Can Be Used with LexisNexis® eBooks (February 6, 2014)

What popular eReaders can be used with LexisNexis® eBooks? The answer is that virtually all computers, smartphones and tablets have an eReader application for eBooks. See this listing for popular eReaders and links to suggested free eReader apps. Access the list >>

LexisNexis® Digital Library: Supporting the Rising Adoption of eBooks in Law Schools and Future Law Libraries (February 6, 2014)

A dramatic shift is underway in eBook preference in higher education with recent studies indicating almost 6 in 10 college students reporting preference for digital books over print titles when reading textbooks for class.* The sale of eBooks from LexisNexis to law students is on the rise and accounts...

LexisNexis® Digital Library Solutions SlideShare

LexisNexis® and OverDrive®, the digital library solutions provider chosen by more than 22,000 libraries, schools and colleges worldwide, have joined forces. Together, we provide a library management solution that suits evolving legal research requirements and the trends occurring with the shift...

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