About LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager

About LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager

About LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager

By tracking your online research and associating it with Clients and Matters from your time and billing system, LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager provides you with the information you need to recover your research costs. LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager monitors all online activity and starts tracking automatically when you browse to a firm-defined research service.

LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager helps you maximize your cost recovery efforts through assisting with client validation, tracking, and reporting. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and helps your firm manage online research costs, and related cost recovery efforts, to increase firm profits.


LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager uses a client-server architecture that works in conjunction with your firm’s time and billing system. The LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager server reads your time and billing system’s database or log file to get a list of your Clients, Matters and Users/Staff. The server associates validation and recording properties with your end users and with the research services you use. Note that end users are referred to as Timekeepers in the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager system.

On client systems, you install the LexisNexis toolbar for supported Web browsers. The LexisNexis toolbar provides the simple tools and features users need to track their daily research work, and passes that information back to the server.

Those designated as administrators can perform administrative tasks on the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager server from any computer with a Web browser and network access to the server. The server’s Web interface allows you to define research services, edit Client and Timekeeper options, and view reports.

Client Validation Component

The validation component validates client and matter information entered by timekeepers and works with research services that have their own built-in mandatory client validation, as well as independent validation service for web sites that do not offer that feature.

Client matter data from your firm's database is used to present your firm's most current client name/number/matter listings to the end users.

  • Ensures accuracy in matching both billable and non-billable online research to clients.
  • Serves as an easy "look-up" tool when the user does not know the client matter name/number.
  • Ensures valid client identification numbers for every research session, eliminating hours of guess work as you bill your clients for online legal.
  • Helps manage a firm's non-billable activity by encouraging the use of legitimate non-billable client IDs.

Tracking and Reporting Component

The tracking and reporting components helps your firm track billable research time for your clients, which you can view using a number of predefined reports.

  • Tracks billable and non-billable research time for all research services the firm has identified to track and/or bill.
  • Provides usage data through a number of predefined reports.
  • Provides usage data on all web sites your firm has configured to track. This feature will help your firm value and recover costs of services like BNA, CCH, RIA, etc. that don’t provide detailed billing information.
  • Provides for downloading of data, making further usage analysis easy.
  • During research tracking, the firm administrator has the option to mandate forced client ID or just track use without forced client ID
  • Provides greater flexibility for pro bono and other non-billable work
  • LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager will allow a firm administrator to set an hourly rate by service in order to recover research time.

Auto-fill/Password Management

Allows administrators or timekeepers to configure login IDs and passwords to auto-fill login and comment fields when accessing configured research services

Using LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager

After you install the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager a toolbar will be available in Internet Explorer® to validate your clients and matters in your system. The toolbar contains all the features required for day-to-day use of LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager:

  • Recent Clients and Matters: allows timekeepers to quickly select a client and matter for which he or she recently performed research
  • Set Client: allows timekeepers to validate against the firm’s client matter database to specify and track a client or matter for which to perform research, or specify a different timekeeper
  • Timer Options: allows timekeepers to pause and resume timing research, or stop and restart the timer.


LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager gives an administrator the ability to view and print various reports. These reports are used to record and track data based on:

  • Client/Matter Summary: allows an administrator to define and generate reports based on specific Client and / or Timekeeper information.
  • Timekeeper Summary: allows an administrator to define and generate reports based on specific Timekeeper information.
  • Service Usage: allows an administrator to generate reports based on specified information regarding services used


The LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager is easy to set up, with simple installation wizards for the server and client components and convenient Web-based administration tools. Set up involves the following high-level steps:

  • Creating a SQL database for LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager
  • Installing the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager server
  • Setting up services and profiles on the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager server
  • Installing the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager toolbar on end user’s computers


Administration tools for the LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager are available through the toolbar and through the Admin Web page hosted on the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager server. From the toolbar on any end user’s computer, administrators can:

  • Configure auto-fill values
  • Configure administrator defined system level profiles
  • Configure end user profiles

From the Admin Web page, an administrator can use the following:

  • Service List – to create and edit services
  • Timekeeper List – to edit timekeeper options
  • Client List – to edit client options
  • Reports – view administrative reports

Review the most recent literature for LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager as well as other LexisNexis products and services here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager?

The benefits of LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager are:

  • Maximizing your cost recovery efforts by ensuring valid client matter information
  • Tracking research in other services that you may want to bill or just have more information as to who is using and how often

How does LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager differ from LexisNexis® PowerInvoice™?

LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager assists the firm in overall cost recovery efforts through client validation, tracking and reporting of all Web sites designated by the firm, not just LexisNexis products and services. PowerInvoice is a tool that provides you with current detailed use, and historical financial data related just to your LexisNexis accounts.

If my firm installs LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager does LexisNexis then have access to our internal financial data and Client / Matter information?

No, LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager uses a client-server architecture that is installed on a server at your firm. The LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager server is installed on your firm’s internal systems and therefore does not communicate with LexisNexis.

Our firm already uses the LexisNexis Client Validator product. Will LexisNexis give us a discount if we decide to purchase LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager?

Yes, if your firm elects to upgrade from Client Validator to LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager you will receive a discount on the purchase price.

Does LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager work with remote access?

Yes, LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager can work via remote access as long as the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager toolbar is able to communicate with the server appropriately. In a typical installation of the product, both the toolbars and the server reside on a firm’s internal network. In that scenario, the LexisNexis Cost Recovery Manager will work as long as it can be accessed as if it and the user were on the same network.

What are the system requirements for LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager?

The requirements are:

  • Client Component
    • Windows 2000 or later
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • Server Component
    • Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server
    • IIS 5 or later running ASP.NET 2.0
    • MS SQL Server 2000, or MS SQL Server 2005

Will the ‘Set Client’ button on LexisNexis® Cost Recovery Manager work with other web services?

The “Set Client” button allows the user to change clients mid session for services other than LexisNexis and Westlaw. For integrated services such as LexisNexis and Westlaw, the Change Client button is disabled on the Cost Recovery Manager toolbar. For these services, timekeepers must use the ‘change client’ feature of that particular service, which will make a call to launch Cost Recovery Manager.

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