About LexisNexis® Publisher

About LexisNexis® Publisher

Customer Testimonial

Lynn Fogle
Manager of Library Services
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC

"For our recent portal rollout, we chose Publisher to deliver firm news to our front page and also for practice group and client pages. We found Publisher to be very reliable, easy to use and the quality of the databases are excellent. Publisher is a powerful product providing automated clipping but also allowing customized filtering."

About LexisNexis Publisher

LexisNexis Publisher is an advanced content management tool. It contains all you need to identify reliable, relevant content from the LexisNexis® services and publish to your users via e-mail, your own intranet, or an external Web site. You control the information delivered to your users by creating the searches that retrieve the documents you need. You can then review the documents found by the searches, determine which ones you want to have as links in e-mail or on your intranet or external Web site, and then publish links to these sites, or you can allow the links to automatically publish. Content can be published to Ozmosys® for distribution, and it can also be pushed to your Web site, portal, internet, through e-mail, or BlackBerry®. It's that easy!

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