About PowerInvoice

About PowerInvoice

About LexisNexis® PowerInvoice™ 

LexisNexis® PowerInvoice™ couples the convenience of the Internet with the power of the LexisNexis® services to provide you with instant access to both current and historical financial data related to your LexisNexis online account. PowerInvoice™ maintains 24 months of invoice information and twelve months, plus the current month, of billing information. Billing data is provided 24 — 48 hours after use and utilizes 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. 

PowerInvoice allows you to view usage within 24 – 48 hours after use. For most LexisNexis customers Billing data is preliminary until end of month processing. At the end of each month processing takes place to finalize usage based on your specific contract. Once this process is complete the Billing data for the month is final. Within a few days of this processing the invoice for the month will be available through the Invoice tab.

LexisNexis® PowerInvoice™ Enhancements 2010

Recently LexisNexis released an enhancement for LexisNexis® PowerInvoice™ for use when you are using the Custom section of the Billing Tab. This enhancement was requested by information professionals to streamline the process for applying custom pricing across use of lexis.com®. This important enhancement allows you to apply your “custom” billing to all charges or services with one click. No more need to modify and apply to each charge or service.

Follow these steps to apply the Custom feature:

  • Determine the “Date Range” to which you want to apply your new “Custom” profile.
  • Determine to which “Account Numbers” you want the “Custom” profile to be applied.
  • Select the “Report” format you want to see for the initial run of the Custom report.
  • Next to “Apply Profile” select “Add” to set up a new “Custom” profile for reviewing the billing data.

For example, to “Add” a new “Custom” profile to provide clients with an across the board 35% discount off the contract gross amount:

  • Name our profile – 35% Discount
  • Determine which “Method” to use from the selections. For this example select “Set Percentage Rate by Service”
  • Select a choice from “Apply Rate To”. Only one “Apply Rate To” can be selected at a time. For this example select “Contract Gross Amount”.
  • Click on “Next”
  • Click on “Modify”
  • Enter the percentage of charges for our “Contract Gross Amount”. In this example to provide a 35% discount, enter 65%. This accomplishes charging 65% of the “Contract Gross Amount”, thus passing along a 35% discount.
  • Add 65 to the % box and check “Apply to all services”
  • Click on “Set”. Notice that this enhancement for selecting “Apply to all services” automatically added the 65% to each of the listed services.
  • Click on “Save” to complete setting up “Custom” Billing providing a 35% discount off the “Gross Contract Amount”.

This enhancement will make it easier and save you time when using the “Custom” section of the Billing Tab.

Once you have saved the Custom Billing selections you can View or Download your customized report and at that point you can save the Custom Report as an Alert and have the report automatically sent to you on a schedule that meets your needs.

Getting Started

Using the PowerInvoice search facility you can quickly locate reports that contain the information you want. When you access PowerInvoice, you'll notice Billing Data and Invoice tabs. If you have access to the LexisNexis® ID Maintenance Tool you will also have a tab for this feature. You will use the selections under these tabs to select the type of billing information you want to research. Then, much like using the LexisNexis services, you'll use a search facility to locate specific invoices or billing reports from the database of information for your organization. Once the report(s) have been retrieved, you can review those reports online, print copies of the ones you want, and download them to your PC in a variety of formats. This lets you review reports offline at your leisure or import them into financial management applications.

Billing Data

The Billing Data tab has several sections: Basic, Enhanced, Custom, Reallocation, and User Defined.

Basic: from the Basic billing tab you can learn the date through which billing data is available, find billing data for specific date ranges, see a list of possible sub accounts, and run reports. The LexisNexis PowerInvoice services gives you access to up to 12 months (plus the current month) of billing data for your organization.

Enhanced: from the Enhanced tab you have the flexibility to review individual user and/or client information in addition to all of the features and functionality available on the Basic tab. Using this tab also provides the ability to review usage by Service(s) which represent broad categories of the services searched via lexis.com®. For instance, you can search for the usage on the Briefs Pleadings Motions. The Enhanced section also provides the ability view usage by “Type of Charge” where you can view usage for Alerts, Single Document Retrieval, etc.

Custom: from the Custom tab you can generate a variety of billing report items. Custom Billing provides flexible options you can use to invoice your clients using billing methodologies that fit with your firm's billing strategy and your clients' expectations. This feature lets you create one or more custom profiles. These profiles enable you to create, save, and apply the options to your billing report data creating a customized billing report.

Reallocation: from the Reallocation tab you can identify and evaluate the non-billable LexisNexis charges your organization incurred over the timeframe you specify. These non-billable charges include the following:

  • Fixed Charges—These are LexisNexis charges that are normally billed once a month or on a one-time basis and may cover items such as subscription fees, equipment charges, and so on.
  • Non-billable Services—There may be some LexisNexis services that your organization chooses not to bill to clients.
  • Non-billable Clients—This refers to LexisNexis research performed for one or more internal or external clients for which the associated costs cannot be billed and thus recovered. You can then select all or some of those non-billable LexisNexis charges and generate Reallocation reports that show how your billable clients' charges would be altered if those non-billable charges were to be distributed among them. You could then use this information when generating billing data for your billable clients.

User Defined: from the User Defined tab you can structure your own report format, where you have the ability to select data columns to include in your report and the order in which the columns appear in the final report.


The PowerInvoice service gives you instant access to 24 months of invoice data for your organization. To view an invoice select the Invoice Tab, then select either the standard date range (one full calendar month) or the custom date range (multiple calendar months). You can then browse through the various reports that comprise each invoice, print a copy, or download the information to your PC. You can also get an invoice in PDF format (invoice images not available to all customers). In addition you can:

  • View all of your activity – invoices, payments, prior period credits – over the past 24 months.
  • If your organization has multiple accounts you can view each account separately.
  • See your current account balance, which includes any amounts carried over from previous months, not just current charges.
  • Choose to receive an e-mail alert that your invoice is ready online.
  • Pay account balances online.


Once you find the appropriate billing data, you can save the billing search as an Alert to receive automatic updates. After selecting Save as Alert you have flexibility in when you would like the Alert to be delivered (business day, daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly). You also have the ability to select a format for delivery. The Alert functionality also allows you to update Alert results at any time by selecting “Run Now.”

Review the most recent literature for PowerInvoice as well as other LexisNexis products and services here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data will be available in the PowerInvoice Billing report? Why would the most recent date under Standard Date Range not match the date in the "Data has been processed through ..." note?

PowerInvoice will display the range of the data (usage) within the report. There may be a discrepancy in the date range and the processed date displayed above the Billing Search form. The date range indicates the dates of usage by the customer. The processed through date indicates the date all billing information for all customers was processed. (For example, if the screen states data has been processed up to Dec. 27 but due to the holiday, there has been no usage by the customer since Dec. 23, the Month to Date selection will only display up to the Dec. 23 date.)

Is there a character limit for the fields in the PowerInvoice Search forms?

Yes, dependent on your browser. This may also occur when you select a large range of clients or non-billable numbers. Examples of error messages include:

  • Netscape: Browser sent a message that the server could not understand.
  • Internet Explorer: There is a problem with the URL. Please check the URL and try again.

If you receive an error message, narrow the search.

Can you use wildcards or Boolean connectors within the fields on the Search Forms?

Yes. You can use exclamation marks, the "or" connector, and the "and" connector. If you want to retrieve only client numbers that began with 9999, enter 9999! in the Client ID field.

Can you change the exchange rate for currency in PowerInvoice?

Yes. PowerInvoice uses the local currency file to provide billing data. You can change the currency option during a session, the exchange rate is used to display the data. This can be done by clicking on Preferences and selecting the currency you want to view. The default is U.S. Dollars. If you elect to view your detailed billing data in a currency other than USD, PowerInvoice uses information extracted from a non-LexisNexis program called Exchange Rate. PowerInvoice keeps track of the exchange rate from this program based on the exchange rate of the last day of each month. When you elect to view your detailed billing data in another currency, PowerInvoice uses the exchange rate for that currency and converts the data from USD to the currency selected.

When is Billing Preliminary/Final?

PowerInvoice allows you to view usage within 24 – 48 hours after use. For most LexisNexis customers Billing data is preliminary until end of month processing. At the end of each month processing takes place to finalize usage based on your specific contract. Once this process is complete the Billing data for the month is final. Within a few days of this processing the invoice for the month will be available through the Invoice tab.

Is there a way to provide a consistent discount to pass along to our client’s?

Yes, by using the “Custom” section of the Billing Data tab. PowerInvoice provides a great deal of flexibility to accomplish this. You can select individual types of services and have PowerInvoice automatically calculate the discount percent you designate. Your Librarian Relations Consultant can walk you through this process. Or, you can refer to the section in the LexisNexis® PowerInvoice™ User Guide described as “Cost Recovery”.

Is there an easy way to review charges for usage on lexis.com® without having to sign on and run a search?

Yes, you can run a report for usage in the format of your choice and set up an Alert by clicking on the “Save as Alert” section at the right side of the red toolbar. You have the choice of daily, business day, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. The Alert will be delivered to your email in the e-mail attachment report format of your choosing HTML, PDF, ASCII, Spreadsheet, or LexisNexis Import.

Can I set an Alert to monitor usage by my summer associates and/or my fall associates?

Yes, again select the “Enhanced” section of the Billing Data tab. Select List at the User box and select the users you would like to see usage figures for, select the type of report you would like to have delivered to you and schedule an Alert.

Additional Questions?

Contact Customer Support! They are available 24 hours a day for any additional product questions. They can be reached at 800-543-6862.

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