Relevance Scores

Relevance Scores

Relevance Scores–50%–99%

Every LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ term is followed by a relevance score between 50% and 99%. The relevance score measures the quantity of discussion of an index term within a given document based on criteria such as term frequency, weight and location.

85%–99% = Major reference
50%–84% = Passing (or minor) reference

Use scores to expand or refine an index term search
By using relevance scores, you have greater control over what results are returned. If you are only interested in major references to a particular topic, for example, you can look for documents that are tagged 85% and above.

Broadest search–all matching documents
terms(index term)

Narrowest search–major references only
terms(index term #85plus#)


Follow these two simple rules when searching with relevance scores and you'll be an expert LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ searcher in no time!

Rule 1: Type the appropriate syntax after the index term.  Add #85plus# after the index term to retrieve major references only.

subject(trends #85plus# and oil gas industry #85plus#)

Rule 2: Use the exact form of the index term or, when in doubt, insert a PRE/3 connector before the score. 

company(royal dutch pre/3 #85plus#) and city(houston pre/3 #85plus#)

The full controlled company name is Royal Dutch Shell PLC and the full controlled city name is Houston, TX, USA.  Use a PRE/3 to be more flexible if you do not know the controlled name. You are telling the search engine that you want Royal Dutch to be three or fewer words in front of the relevance score.

Remember, LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ terms display in upper case followed by a score. Publisher-provided indexing appears in mixed case with no score.


Send questions, feedback and suggestions for terms to theLexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ Team.