Proper Name Indexing: Companies, Organizations, People & Places

Proper Name Indexing: Companies, Organizations, People & Places

LexisNexis® indexes proper names including companies, organizations, people and places. Index terms for proper names are selected based on a variety of factors as indicated below.


  • Public companies listed on major global exchanges, such as Euronex®t, Tokyo, UK, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and Toronto
  • Major private companies
  • Major subsidiaries


  • Major membership associations worldwide
  • Government and non-governmental agencies worldwide
  • Terrorist groups
  • Major professional sports teams in the United States
  • Other non-corporate entities (such as universities)


  • Politicians and government leaders worldwide
  • CEOs of major corporations worldwide
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justices
  • Other newsworthy celebrities


  • Continents and major world regions
  • All countries
  • States in the United States, Germany, India and Australia
  • Provinces in Canada and China
  • Capitals and major cities worldwide
  • Astronomical places and physical features

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