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Forms and Templates (print and CD)

Spend more billable hours working with your clients and less time researching and drafting legal documents with Matthew Bender® legal forms & templates—available in print and on CD-ROM. Our expansive collection of legal forms provides authoritative guidance along with automated features that speed and simplify drafting documents for federal and state civil and criminal proceedings, as well as key practice areas including bankruptcy, employment, immigration and commercial law. With hundreds of instructions already drafted for you, adopting instructions to the facts of your case is quick and easy.


Reduce the time it takes to prepare accurate, signature-ready legal forms for civil litigation, criminal proceedings, and business and legal transactions. Matthew Bender forms give you both the sample forms and the guidance you need to draft airtight procedural and transactional documents, even when you’re not familiar with the practice area.

Improved Productivity
Save the time of typing legal forms from scratch. Plus, you get authoritative guidance and instruction from a single source without having to search through multiple volumes. Your questions are answered, without having to dig through stored documents or seek out other people for information.

Increased confidence
Cover all bases through the sheer number of legal forms, the scope of their coverage for all practice areas and tasks within those areas, their depth of coverage in terms of variety of options, and the expert commentary on practice application of legal forms and/or tax implications they offer.

Fewer Mistakes
Print off the legal form and enter the necessary information without having to type the legal form itself—that’s all there is to it.

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