Hopkins v. Hamden Board of Education

289 A.2d 914, 29 Conn. Supp. 397, 1971 Conn. Super. LEXIS 148



A state may not proscribe the teaching of a particular segment of knowledge solely because it conflicts with a particular doctrine of a particular religious group.


The Plaintiff, school children, sought to obtain an injunction against the use of a printed curriculum by the state board of education in authorizing, and the local board of education in teaching a health education course.


Does the teaching of particular health classes violate the first amendment of school children? 




The court held that because the school children were unable satisfactorily to identify any coercion directed at the practice or exercise of religious beliefs, there could have been no violation of the free exercise clause of the U.S. Const. amend. I. The court concluded that the rights of the school children had not been made so clear that the court could have been found without doubt that any constitutional or statutory right had been violated. 

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