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ACH Compliance Webinar: Understanding Regulations that Affect ACH Transactions

ACH Compliance confusion Every year there are new or enhanced compliance requirements for processing payments. The biggest challenge is knowing when you have satisfied all of the appropriate requirements for all of the regulations. In addition to complying with the NACHA Operating Rules when processing ACH transactions (one of which we discussed previously in the ACH P2P payment policy article), your financial institution must also comply with the requirements of other ACH related regulations.

There are even times when it seems the rules and the regulations, or the regulations themselves, are at odds with one another. The consequences of non-compliance are not minor. Multi-million dollar fines have been assessed by the FDIC and the OCC for non-compliance with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and FinCEN regulations.

2-Day Webinar Training Starts 5/20

To address this compliance confusion around ACH, I'm leading a 2-day Sheshunoff class on Tuesday, 5/20, and Thursday, 5/22. During this 2-day webinar event, I'll show you how to comply with:

  • • Regulations E, D and CC
  • The Green Book 
  • Uniform Commercial Code 4 A (UCC4A) 
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Guidelines

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What You'll Learn

Following this session, you'll be able to: 

  • Identify which ACH Rules requirements or regulation requirements apply 
  • Meet compliance expectations of auditors and regulators
  • Properly apply OFAC screening to domestic and international ACH transactions
  • Avoid financial loss by accurately originating Automated Enrollment Entries (ENR) for Federal Government Benefit Payments
  • Apply appropriate reason code when returning ACH transactions not in compliance with Regulation D
  • Determine when Regulation E Remittance Transfers rules apply to international ACH transfers

As you may already know, Sheshunoff Webinars offer CPE credits and this event will earn you 2 credit hours. I look forward to having you in the session!

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Marge SimmonsAbout the Author: Marge Simmons is President of Electronic Payments Advisory Services. Her 30+ years of experience in the area of electronic payments includes development of ACH software, management of Michigan’s ACH association, and 12 years in Treasury Management. Marge is a frequent Sheshunoff Webinar speaker and author of several banking publications. Consulting services offered by her company include training and ACH audits.