Bankruptcy Filing Made Simple-A Bankruptcy Guide for Every State

Bankruptcy Filing Made Simple-A Bankruptcy Guide for Every State

I have written a series of filing for bankruptcy guides. Right now, they are exclusively on Amazon for Kindle.

While the Road Out of Debt works your way out of debt through different means and places bankruptcy as a backstop, I thought a simple guide on bankruptcy filing could be very useful. The Guide, one for each state, gives the basics about bankruptcy- what you really need to know.

It includes answers for such common questions as:

Where and how do I file for bankruptcy?

How much will it cost me?

Will I lose all my property?

Can I keep my house?

It also includes a very useful flow charts of what happens in a bankruptcy case- both chapter 7 (liquidation) and chapter 13 (individual's payment plan).

If bankruptcy is a consideration, the guide will help you understand when filing is a good idea and when it is not. The guide are written so anyone can understand them, i.e., no legal talk, and written so they can be read quickly. Most of us wouldn't install a dishwasher without reading the instructions. These guides are your instructions for filing for bankruptcy.

The guides are listed for sale at a very inexpensive $4.99, a bargain considering all the time and stress a good overview of bankruptcy can provide you. But, each state guide will be offered for free for a couple days each month. Email  and I will send you notice when your state's guide will be offered for free.

Good luck on your road out of debt.

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