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Ted Connolly
5 Biggest Myths About Filing For Bankruptcy

Myths about filing a bankruptcy case are everywhere and may prevent countless people from gaining the fresh start that bankruptcy offers. Here are five of the biggest myths about filing a bankruptcy case. Myth #1: Saying "I Declare Bankruptcy"...

J. Michael McBride
Debt Collectors Reach New Low

Just when you thought that you had heard it all.... A debt collection agency in Pennsylvania has been accused by that state's Attorney General of staging fake trials with a fake judge in a fake courtroom against people who allegedly owed debt....

Stephen Sather
New Opinion Raises Difficult Questions on Adequate Creditor Protection

A new opinion in the Scopac case raises difficult questions about adequate protection. In Matter of Scopac , No. 09-40307 (5 th Cir. 10/19/10), which can be found here, the Fifth Circuit ruled that secured creditors were entitled to a super priority...

Stephen Sather
Schwab v. Reilly Places Homesteads at Risk Years After Filing

A new opinion from the Ninth Circuit illustrates the practical implications of Schwab v. Reilly , 130 S.Ct. 2652 (2010). In Matter of Gebhart , No. 07-16769 (9th Cir. 9/14/10), the Court held that the Trustee was entitled to reap the benefits of post...

Ted Connolly
NY Courts’ New Rule Could Slow Down Foreclosures

As reported on Law.com , the New York state court system has directed lawyers moving for foreclosures to file an affirmation that they have verified the accuracy of the papers they are filing in support of the foreclosure. While lawyers regularly operate...

Gary Larkin
Directors Beware! Next Crisis is Upon Us

Don't look now public company directors, but the next financial crisis may be upon us and it looks a lot like the 2008 crisis that was borne out of the housing bubble. Apparently, the underlying cause of the collapse of the mortgage-backed securities...