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J. Michael McBride
MGM Files Pre-Packaged Bankruptcy

Major movie company MGM has filed a pre-packaged bankruptcy in New York. MGM has said that it will only be in bankruptcy a short while, 30 days or so. "Under the terms of the deal, major lenders Credit Suisse and JPMorgan ( JPM , Fortune 500 ...

Ted Connolly
Heidi and Spencer’s Debt and Bankruptcy Problems Not Uncommon

The news that reality television stars, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, are broke and contemplating filing for bankruptcy should not be too surprising. As with many people who encounter rapid wealth at a young age, Heidi and Spencer have fallen into...

Stephen Sather
Celebrating 200 Bankruptcy Law Posts

A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog began on June 2, 2006 with a post entitled Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Federal Jurisdiction in Anna Nicole Smith Case; Few Prurient Details in Opinion. Now, 1,613 days later (a number which does not appear in...

Stephen Sather
Unhappily Ever After: Family Law Issues in Bankruptcy

This paper was originally presented to the West Texas Bankruptcy Institute on October 29, 2010. Love and marriage, Love and marriage Go together Like a horse and carriage This I tell you brother You can't have one without the other ...

Ted Connolly
5 Biggest Myths About Filing For Bankruptcy

Myths about filing a bankruptcy case are everywhere and may prevent countless people from gaining the fresh start that bankruptcy offers. Here are five of the biggest myths about filing a bankruptcy case. Myth #1: Saying "I Declare Bankruptcy"...

J. Michael McBride
Debt Collectors Reach New Low

Just when you thought that you had heard it all.... A debt collection agency in Pennsylvania has been accused by that state's Attorney General of staging fake trials with a fake judge in a fake courtroom against people who allegedly owed debt....