Introduction to LexisNexis Global Climate Change Special Pamphlet Series

Introduction to LexisNexis Global Climate Change Special Pamphlet Series

By General Editor Bradley M. Marten

Endeavoring to write about climate change while the law is still being written, is a little bit like jumping on a moving train without knowing exactly where it is headed. But the train is moving, and for those that are in its path—including thousands of emissions sources—it is necessary to learn as much as one can, even with the understanding that things will continue to change.


This unique series of pamphlets offers experts’ insights into the field of climate change law. It is designed to give the reader the latest developments in climate change legislation, regulation and case law, at both the federal and state level, with special emphasis on the implications for corporations, attorneys and clients. It is written by members of the prestigious American College of Environmental Lawyers, many of whom have been involved in the development of the law in this area.


Each pamphlet will cover an important aspect of climate change law. They are designed to work together and will include cross-references to one another for relevant discussions of related topics. The pamphlets cover a wide-range of issues that are at the forefront of climate change practice, as demonstrated by the first 10 titles in the series:


  • EPA’s Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
  • Treatment of Greenhouse Gases Under the Clean Air Act
  • Climate Change Impacts and the Endangered Species Act
  • State-by-State Greenhouse Gas Regulation
  • Cap-and-Trade: Law and Economics
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards
  • Climate Change and Water Resources
  • Federal Climate Change Legislation
  • The SEC and Climate: Disclosure Requirements
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration


Bradley M. Marten

Marten Law PLLC

Seattle, Washington

December 2009

Bradley M. Marten, founder and Managing Partner of Marten Law PLLC, is consistently ranked by his peers as one of the nation's top environmental lawyers. He is a Regent of the American College of Environmental Lawyers and Chairs its Policy Committee. He is listed as a top environmental lawyer in the Best Lawyers in America, Chambers, and the International Who's Who of Environmental Lawyers, and been recognized in many other publications for his work in the environmental law field over a 25 year career. Brad represents both corporate and public clients in matters touching on most of the major environmental and energy practice areas. He is the General Editor for the LexisNexis Global Climate Change Special Pamphlet Series.