Cyber Security in the Boardroom

Cyber Security in the Boardroom

Cyber security, and the importance of management and board engagement on the issue, has been generating a lot of discussion lately. Indeed, the spate of security breaches has made it clear that no organization is immune and that, as a society, we must develop a level of tolerance for the fact that our information is accessible to those with the determination and resources to go after it.

Even if we resign ourselves to the risk of a breach, however, there are steps that organizations can and should take to reduce the likelihood of a breach and to mitigate the impact and disruption if one does happen. Companies are responding. Strong solutions are emerging from the security industry, but also from business leaders across all industries. Yet there remains one last frontier of corporate cyber security: the boardroom.

With boards rapidly migrating to digital interactions, managers and directors should be doing all they can to manage the security risks that come with the digital realm.

To be clear, the digitization of the boardroom, through the introduction of iPads, boardroom portals, and other technology brings great benefits. Reduced shipping costs (not to mention the related reduction of CO2 emissions), ease of delivery, and increased document retention capability are just a few of the many benefits. And many would argue that enhanced corporate security is another important benefit. After all, do your directors really destroy all of their board books after each meeting?

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