M&A: Torys' Top Trends for 2012

M&A: Torys' Top Trends for 2012

Tory’s LLP posted this YouTube video on M&A trends for 2012.

With growing economic uncertainty for the year to come, Patrice Walch-Watson and Matthew Cockburn explain that M&A transactions will continue to play an important part of business strategy. They discuss the following trends in their predictions of hot M&A areas for 2012:

M&A Trends for 2012

  1. Financial investors looking M&A deals despite a strain on traditional financing for acquisition
  2. Private equity will see more sponsors inviting limited partners to invest
  3. Companies will continue to look to spin off transactions to bring value to shareholders
  4. Governments will do more to encourage and guide private equity M&A activities
  5. Antitrust and foreign investment regulations will oversee M&A activities
  6. Growth in reverse break fees to provide more deal certainty

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