Where Are You From? 2012 Edition Part I

Where Are You From? 2012 Edition Part I

Happy New Year to all! I will work soon on my annual New Year's wish list, which sadly will look much like last year's list! In any event, I wanted to provide my annual review of you, my faithful blogees, in letting you know who your fellow readers are and where they come from. As I have mentioned, Google has an amazing analytic tool that provides quite a bit of analysis and review of cool information. In my reports to you I focus on your geography and what companies you are in. Let's start with our countries, about 125 of them altogether!

As always the US remains the #1 source with about 81% of all visits - identical to last year. The other top 10 in order, each of which had hundreds of visits last year (most visits first):

  • China/Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Taiwan
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Israel

Interestingly, last year Singapore and Brazil were in the top 10 but they were bumped by Netherlands and Australia. But Singapore and Brazil remain in the top 20. What is interesting about this? China is still a very strong visitor despite the virtual halt in new China deals getting done in the last year. Brazil, supposedly up and coming, dropped slightly, but not much. Israel dropped a bit but also stayed strong (see my prior posts on the Israel opportunity).

What other active countries do we see? Phillipines, Italy, France, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, Switzerland and South Korea. Pretty similar to the last year. But the truth is every industrialized country is here. And many others, such as Ghana, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

How cool is this? It's very cool. The world just gets smaller and smaller. I love that sitting at home at 6 am on a Saturday morning I can convey some thoughts that will be digested by someone sitting in Namibia wanting to learn just a bit about the US small and microcap markets. I'm still that kid fascinated by the first fax machine that let you put a piece of paper in and have it come out 15 minutes later in Japan. Information technology has truly changed the world. All I can say is Xie Xie, Todah, Gracias, Merci, and thank you thank you thank you to my amazing worldwide cavalcade of blogees. Next: what companies and regulators are tuning in?

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