O Lord Don't Buy The Nanny a Mercedes-Benz

O Lord Don't Buy The Nanny a Mercedes-Benz

The order Wednesday of last week in Patriot Performance Materials, Inc. v. Powell, 2013 NCBC 10 was appropriately timed for the day before Valentine's Day.

Powell, the Defendant, had a 50% interest in several businesses with Henderson, one of the Plaintiffs. He alleged in a third party complaint that Henderson, who shared the other 50% interest, had diverted $30,000 (and more) from their corporations.

The purpose of the $30,000? For Henderson to shower goodies on the nanny for his children. The third party complaint against the nanny said that the funds were lavished upon her to buy her a "Mercedes-Benz automobile and a high-end Mac computer."  Op. ¶5.

Perhaps the nanny's child-care services were exceptional and warranted the computer and the Mercedes. Or perhaps the allegations of the Third Party Complaint against the nanny, which were that she was Henderson's mistress, were true.

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