SEC v. Olins, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 22875 (N.D. Cal. March 12, 2010)

SEC v. Olins, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 22875 (N.D. Cal. March 12, 2010)

LexisNexis Core Terms: issuer, underwriter, holding period, safe harbor, public offering', affiliate, seller, subordination, tacking, stock, reconsideration, registration, unregistered, prepayment, exemption, exempt, security interests, convertible, unavailing, unaccrued, spectrum, investor, qualify, Securities Act, rule of thumb, large quantities, sophisticated, acquisition, surrendered, subordinate

Counsel:  For Securities and Exchange Commission, Plaintiff: Amie K. Long, Lead Attorney, Antonia Chion , Daniel Chaudoin , Jeffrey P. Weiss , Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC; Dean Michael Conway , Securities and Exchange Commission, Trial Unit, Division of Enforcement, Washington, DC.

For Robert Olins, Argyle Capital Management Corp, Defendants: Christopher W. Kinum, Critchley Kinum & Vazquez LLC, Roseland, CA; Eva C. Carman , Pro Hac Vice, Ropes & Gray, New York, NY; John Michael Vazquez, Michael Critchley , Pro Hac Vice, Critchley Kinum & Vazquez LLC, Roseland, NJ; Mark Daniel Rowland , Ropes & Gray LLP, East Palo Alto, CA; Richard D. Marshall , Pro Hac Vice, Ropes & Gray LLP, New York, NY.

Judge: Maxine M. Chesney , United States District Judge. subscribers can view the enhanced version of SEC v. Olins


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