SEC v. Forte, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 24705 (E.D. Pa. March 17, 2010)

SEC v. Forte, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 24705 (E.D. Pa. March 17, 2010)

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  • 08-10-2011

i have a very big case which consists of civil rights violation, class action cases, my securities are actually misrepresented to me, misclassfication of exempt versus non exempt, overtime violations, disability discrimination, hostile work environment, fmla violation, coercion to do illegal acts, embezzlement, and i have over 1000 pages in evidence its a win win case against a firm, i recently uncovered them doing many illegal acts as i was preparing to sue for whistleblower termination and personal injury. i need a workers comp lawyer, securities, false claims act, falsification of investments, corporate fraud, insurance fraud, personal injury, whistleblower experience lawyer for a complex litigation yet win case for i have all data collected and one admittance that i was lied too/retraction of false testimony. please message me if you can help me. california law but firm spans many states. i know all names to put on stand and get a testimony for the truth. firm will shutdown if this happens. please recommend someone if you can and message me this is a very high profile yet easy case for i have done all the discovery and research and collected enough evidence/witnesses/know who to put on stand.