State v. Bushman, 2010 UT App 120 (Utah App. May 6, 2010)

State v. Bushman, 2010 UT App 120 (Utah App. May 6, 2010)

LexisNexis Core Terms: fine, double jeopardy, civil penalty, quotation marks omitted, debarment, remedial, criminal penalty, criminal prosecution, nonpunitive, Securities Act's, criminal conviction, civil remedy, alteration, disability, deterrence, excessive, punitive, securities fraud, fine imposed, civil sanctions, legislative intent, alternative purpose, mental state, restitution, rationally, connected, scienter, override, monetary, investor

Counsel: Margaret P. Lindsay and Douglas J Thompson, Spanish Fork, for Appellant.

Mark L. Shurtleff and Jeanne B. Inouye, Salt Lake City, for Appellee.

Judge: Before Judges Orme, Thorne, and Bench. 1 William A. Thorne Jr., Judge. I CONCUR: Russell W. Bench, Senior Judge. ORME, Judge (concurring in the result). subscribers can view the enhanced version of State v. Bushman

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