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State Net Criminal Law Update: Bryant Signs Off On Mississippi Sentencing Overhaul

BRYANT SIGNS OFF ON MS SENTENCING OVERHAUL: Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) signed prison sentence reform legislation last week that supporters say could save the Magnolia State $266 million over the next decade. The bill, HB 585, requires those convicted of a violent offense to serve at least 50 percent...

Insurance Fraud Results in Eight Years in Prison: Plea of Guilty to Insurance Fraud Stands

When a party pleads guilty to multiple crimes in open court and with the advice of competent counsel he or she can expect to spend time in jail or prison and to have no opportunity to withdraw the plea. However, in People v. Dobson , Not Reported in Cal.Rptr.3d, 2015 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 824 (Cal.App...

This Is Real Law: The Power of Knowledge: Publishing Legal Information to Fight Arbitrary Detention

You’re in a police cell. It’s dark, and it reeks of sweat and urine. If you’re lucky, you aren’t hurt. Even if you are injured, provided it’s not serious, you might have other things on your mind. If you’re a lawyer, journalist or experienced activist, for example...

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