Pets can transmit salmonella bacteria

Pets can transmit salmonella bacteria

As many prior posts have noted, the key issue in toxic tort litigation is causation. 

With sloppy practices seeming to occur with fair regularity in the food industry, there has been an assumption that most sources of salmonella to which individuals are exposed are related to food products (e.g., eggs, vegetables).  If you are involved in such litigation, be sure to add pets (or at least certain types of pets) to the list of alternative exposure pathways.

Researchers have identified a multitude of amphibians and reptiles as potential sources of salmonella (because they have spread the bacteria and made individuals sick thereby), such as African dwarf frogs and turtles.  A rough rule-of-thumb is that any amphibian or reptile is a potential vector.

Given that salmonella is particularly brutal on young children, all vectors need to be considered, not just the goût du jour.

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