Reed Elsevier Provides Global Support for the United Nations World Environment Day

Reed Elsevier Provides Global Support for the United Nations World Environment Day

Reed Elsevier is excited to announce its global support for the United Nations World Environment Day which takes place today, Thursday, June 5. This is the most widely-celebrated global day for positive environmental action and this year’s focus on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) draws attention to the vulnerability of some countries to climate change.

Duncan Palmer, Chief Financial Officer, as the senior Environmental Champion, congratulates the Green Teams, environmental champions and all of his Reed Elsevier colleagues for their efforts in reducing the company's environmental impact and identifying opportunities for environmental and financial savings. One example is the upgrade of the Dayton, Ohio data center. In addition to the environmental improvements and reduced costs, these achievements are having a positive impact with prospective and existing customers by removing barriers to tender and opening new lines of dialogue.

Reed Elsevier achieved several of its 2015 targets related to energy and carbon, and this year will be focusing on its performance in relation to water and waste. Reed Elsevier also aims to buy 45 percent of electricity from renewable sources by the end of the year, a step towards its longer-term goal of obtaining 100 percent of its electricity from renewables or offsets by 2020.

Another important strand in improving environmental performance is the Reed Elsevier Environmental Standards. 81 business locations have been designated as ‘green’ this year, up from 77 last year. To achieve green status, locations have to achieve five of the ten standards covering key environmental impact areas.

Good environmental practice makes good business sense, but it is a joint responsibility that requires employee involvement. Green Teams are active in 66 percent of the company's key locations covering 72 percent of employees.

This year Reed Elsevier launched an updated Green Heroes competition to recognise those colleagues showing the most dedication to the environmental cause, with a new team category in which Green Teams can win funding for a project of their choice. Congratulations to Reed Elsevier’s 2014 Green Heroes, nominated by their colleagues for their environmental efforts over the last year.

Through its products and services, Reed Elsevier continues to inform the environmental debate and aid decision makers, and Reed Elsevier engages on environmental issues in concert with partners such as the United Nations Global Compact, the Aldersgate Group and the Alliance for Water Stewardship.


For more information on World Environment Day please visit the United Nations Environment Programme website

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