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LexisNexis Top 50 Blogs for Environmental Law & Climate Change – 2011 Nominations

The environmental law and climate change practice area is part of an evolving phenomenon that is being touted in some circles as the next Rule of Law. Nowhere is this global renaissance more apparent than the blogosphere, which has spawned a surprisingly large (and growing) number of blogs in every conceivable niche category.  For the first time, this Community will recognize the thought leaders who share their expertise-and their divergent points of view-with the online world by awarding an honorary designation to the Top 50 Blogs for Environmental Law & Climate Change.

As many of you know, there are blogs, and then there are blogs. As we consider blogs for membership in ELCCC's Top 50, we look for timely topics, quality writing, frequent posts and that certain something 'extra' that keeps a web audience coming back for more. Our readers have come to expect nothing less, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

An initial list of nominees for ELCCC's Top 50 blogs for 2011 is set forth below. We welcome and encourage your input. If a blog you like isn't included, post a comment to let us know and we'll add it to the list. We're always looking for new voices with something interesting to say about environmental law and climate change.  

Our top blogs campaign will move ahead in several phases. We'll start with a comment period that starts today and ends on 28 February, during which we will take additional top blog nominations. From the final list of nominees, we will select the Top 50 Environmental Law & Climate Change Blogs for 2011. Thereafter, we'll put the matter to a vote and ask all of you-our Community-to pick the Top Blog of the Year.

A few instructions about adding your two cents . . . if you want to nominate a new blog or say what you think about an existing nominee, you'll have to post a comment. It's easy and only takes a minute.  First, you'll need to logon to your free web center account. If you haven't registered at our site yet, click here:  Registration is free and won't result in sales calls.  Once you're registered and logged in, scroll . . . all . . . the . . . way . . . down to the bottom of this post, fill in your name, type your comment in the box and press "Add." Your comment will appear a few seconds later.  Remember: the comment period for nominations will close on 28 February 2011.

Following are the initial nominees for ELCCC's Top 50 Environmental Law & Climate Change Blogs for 2011 for your review. We welcome your additions to the list.

Due to this Community's overwhelming response to our Top Blogs event, the deadline for comments and additional nominations has been extended from 14 February to 28 February 2011.





BioLaw:  Law and the Life Sciences

Published by the Jurisdynamics Network

A group of legal professors blog about environmental law from a perspective that includes natural resources law, biotechnology, behavioral psychology and evolutionary biology, and bioethics. The distinguished authors that contribute to this site are Jim Chen, Dean and Professor at Louis D. Brandeis School of Law; Kristi L. Bowman, Associate Professor of Law at Michigan State University College of Law; Rebecca M. Bratspies , CUNY School of Law; Holly D. Doreums, UC Davis School of Law; Peter H. Huang; Elizabeth Weeks Leonard, KU School of Law; Andrew Long, Brandeis; Barbara Noah, Professor of Law at Western New England College School of Law; Jordan Paradise, University of Minnesota Law; J.B. Ruhl, Florida State University College of Law; Andrew W. Torrance, KU School of Law; and Katharine Van Tassel, Western New England College School of Law.


Climate Law Blog

Published by Columbia Law School -- Center for Climate Change

Brought to you by professors, their attorney colleagues, and graduate fellows and students associated with Columbia's Center for Climate Change Law, this fast-paced, cutting edge blog covers a wide range of topics and issues. The writers keep to the cutting edge of legal and global developments when analyzing seminal court decisions, statutes and regulations, and international events.


Green Building Law Update Service

Published by Columbia Law School

Another invaluable content source from the thought leaders at Columbia's Center for Climate Change Law, this blog provides national updates on green building law. Covers the states from New York to California, tracks activity within EPA, IRS, FTC, GSA and other federal agencies, and reports on international developments.


Legal Planet - The Environmental Law and Policy Blog

Published by UC Berkeley School of Law and UCLA School of Law

A collaboration of academic giants, this blog draws upon the resources and expertise of the law schools' legal scholars and think tanks to provide insight and analysis on energy and environmental law and policy. The authors write about Supreme Court decisions, regulatory actions, and state and national legislation that affects water resource management, toxic waste disposal, renewable energy, air quality, land use, and more.



Published by:  Pace Law Library

Edited by Associate Library Director, Jack McNeill, this electronic edition of Pace Environmental Notes provides a gateway to news, commentary, legal research sources, new books and articles, and legislation on environmental law, energy, land use law and related legal topics.





Blog for Clean Air

Published by The Clean Air Watch

Brought to you by a non-partisan, non-profit watchdog group devoted to protecting the public interest, this blog provides the latest information and articles on clean air and climate policy.  The site includes many helpful links and resources.


Environmental Issues in the Transportation Sector

Published by Steven M. Taber

Covers environmental issues posed by all modes of transportation, with an emphasis on legal concerns.


Great Lakes Environment

Published by Waste Information & Management Services, Inc.

This blog offers information on Great Lakes Restoration and Great Lakes Water Management from several WIMS Special Reports.


Private Water Law Blog

Published by: Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP

This is blog about water law and public policy. Some of the topic categories include the economics of water, human right to water, transboundary waters, water markets/transfers, water planning and water recycling/reuse. There are links to other interesting sites and up-to-the-minute Twitter updates, but the blog content is somewhat sporadic.   


The River Blog

Published by American Rivers

Written and supported by a conservation organization that stands up for health rivers this blog focuses on five key program areas-- Rivers and Global Warming, River Restoration, River Protection, Clean Water and Water Supply.


The Water Law

Published by: Alan Basilevsky

A blog about legal issues that impact water rights and the water industry. The posts are interesting and well-written, but few and far between.





A Humane Nation

Published by The Humane Society of the United States

President and CEO Wayne Pacelle speaks out speaks out on behalf of all wildlife in a blog that celebrates animals and confronts cruelty.



Published by

Blogger Gill Obaman gives up-to-date animal and wildlife news.


Animal Law Blog

Published by The Law Offices of Amy A. Breyer, LLC

This blog features this Illinois practitioner's observations and analysis of animal law news, litigation in Illinois and around the country, criminal cases as time permits as well as links to legislation and other animal law resources.



Published by International Fund for Animal Welfare

The intent of the content found on this blog is to move the discussion of animal welfare forward to a greater understanding of how our programmatic and emergency teams can help save animals in crisis around the world. The blog provides specialized information about bears, elephants, tigers, seals, strandings, whales, wildlife trade and emergency relief and also targets geographical hot-spots in Africa, Asia and Oceania, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Russia.


Defenders blog

Published by Defenders of Wildlife

This blog leads the pack when it comes to protecting wild animals and plants in their natural communities and includes information about environmental programs and policies; wildlife, habitat and international conservation; science and economics; judicial decisions; legislation; and biodiversity.


Endangered Species and Wetlands Report

Published by: ESWR

This blog has been covering the Endangered Species Act and wetlands issues since 1995. Editor Steve Davies always goes straight to the meat of a story and addresses provocative and difficult topics head-on.


Endangered Species Law and Policy

Published by Nossaman LLP

Written by members of this firm's endangered species and natural resources practice, this blog provides lively discussion on topics relating to conservation, critical habitat, listing and delisting, Fish & Wildlife Service, and regulatory reform. Also includes continuing education links and updates on court decisions.


ESA Blawg

Published by Keith W. Rizzardi

This is a thoughtful and independent blog about Endangered Species Act law that includes links to other helpful resources about the ESA.

Published by: Mongabay and Rhett A. Butler

News articles on endangered species brought to you in blog format, aims to raise interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife while promoting awareness of environmental issues and examining the impact of emerging trends in climate, technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development. Originally based around a text on tropical rainforests that the author developed between 1996 and 2000, the site has expanded to other topics.


National Forest Legal News Blog

Published by Ryan Woody

This blog provides legal news and information about the national forests.


The Stop Extinction Blog

Published by The Endangered Species Coalition

The authors that contribute to this this blog write about the protection of endangered species and the special places where they live through education, outreach and citizen involvement.



Published by The Western Wildlife Conservancy

A conservation blog about the plight of wolves and the effect of wolf packs on western wildlife.





Climate 411

Published by The Environmental Defense Fund

Climate 411 is the voice of the experts at Environmental Defense Fund, providing plain-English explanations of climate change science, technology, policy, and news.


Climate Change Attorney Blog

Published by Silverberg Zalantis LLP

This firm puts out zoning and business litigation blogs that focus on all things New York, but their climate change blog has a much more wide-ranging approach.  In addition to various national, state and local developments the authors address water resources, migratory species, and greenhouse gases.


Climate Change and Carbon Management Blog

Published by Alston + Bird LLP

Provided as a service of the firm's Climate Change and Carbon Management team, this blog focuses on the rapidly emerging issues associated with greenhouse gas emissions.  The writing here is lean, the analysis is spot on, and the posts include helpful links to additional resources.


Climate Change Law Practice Group Blog

Published by Davis LLP

This Canadian firm supports blogging in a big way and puts out eight different blogs that focus on a number of different practice areas.  The Climate Change Law Practice Group Blog and the Environmental, Energy and Resources Law blog place readers at the cutting edge of legal developments and trends in these practice areas. The contributing group of authors keeps the content lively and fresh.


Climate Change INSIGHTS

Published by McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

A self-described forum for critical analyses of climate law and policy, this blog tackles the issues relating to alternative and renewable energy, cap & trade, energy efficiency and green building, US policy, and international affairs.  We could use a lot more of a good thing though; this blog suffers from an unfortunate lack of frequency.


Environmental Law & Climate Change Law Blog

Published by Steven M. Taber

This is a blog about recent happenings in the world of environmental and climate change law.


Environmental Law Diary

Published by Morgan Gilhuly, Brian Haughton and Brett Henrikson, of Barg Coffin Lewis & Trapp

This blawg about environmental law is brought to you by three San Francisco practitioners and focuses on climate change.


Sustainability Counsel

Published by Pepper Hamilton LLP

This blog explores emerging legal issues in the areas of cleantech, climate change, and green building.


The New Carbon Cycle

Published by Scott Deatherage

This second blog from Scott Deatherage provides news and analysis of the rapidly evolving law and policy surrounding climate change, carbon trading and markets, and renewable energy.


Warming Law

Published by: Constitutional Accountability Center

This blog was launched in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court's 2007 landmark ruling in Massachusetts v. EPA and chronicles the impact of that case and other related developments. As the site accurately proclaims, "readers can expect commentary on breaking news and legal maneuverings that is at once opinionated and fair, both hard-hitting and rooted in solid analysis."





 Climate Lawyers

Published by McCarter & English

This blog highlights emerging issues in environmental law, with an emphasis on the development of renewable energy projects. From fruit to nuts, it's all here-including biodiesel and ethanol, as well as wind, solar, and distributed generation. The authors also focus on tax and regulatory incentives in discussions about the increasingly recognized principles of corporate social responsibility that are encouraging companies to voluntarily respond to climate change concerns.


Energy Legal Blog

Published by Bracewell and Giuliani

This blog is an excellent resource for updates and analysis on national and regional energy issues.



Published by Waste Information & Management Services, Inc.

The first of four blogs from this publisher features top-level articles from the pages of eNewsUSA and WIMS Daily.


Environmental and Sustainability Law

Published by Smith Gambrell & Russell LLP

A blog that concentrates on various legal issues in the sustainability context, such as permitting, renewable energy, bio-fuels, greenhouse gas regulations, clean water, mold, conservation land use, sustainable construction and carbon audits and offsets. The authors also address other issues heavily impacted by green initiatives, including finance, lending, private equity funding, vendor agreements, intellectual property of Cleantech and renewable energy technology, and tax strategies.


Environmental & Energy Law Monitor

Published by Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A.

News and updates on environmental and energy law in the Mid-Atlantic region and throughout the United States.


Environmental Energy and Resources Law blog

Published by Davis LLP

This Canadian firm supports blogging in a big way and puts out eight different blogs that focus on a number of different practice areas.  The Climate Change Law Practice Group Blog and the Environmental, Energy and Resources Law blog place readers at the cutting edge of legal developments and trends in these practice areas. The contributing group of authors keeps the content lively and fresh.


Green Car Congress

Published by BioAge Group LLC

This is a blog about energy, technology, issues and policies for sustainable mobility. Editor Mike Millikin takes "the panoptic view" and provides timely, high-quality editorial about the full spectrum of energy options, technologies, products, issues and policies related to sustainable mobility.


Green Counsel

Published by Stephen Filler

Written by a New York-based attorney, this blog uses the law to promote renewable energy, environmental business and sustainability.



Published by Clark Wilson LLP

This is a British Columbia renewable energy blog with posts on topics relating to wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, ocean, solar, bioenergy, and carbon trading.


Natural Resources Today

Published by Palmer Divide Media, L.L.C.

This is a weblog for the discussion of natural resources law and policy issues and controversies, that addresses court decisions, Congressional action and regulatory developments, with commentary, analysis and news.


Ocean & Offshore Energy Projects and Policy Blog

Published by Jennifer Simon, Esq.

This blog analyzes United States offshore energy law, policy and development.


Offshore Energy Law

Published by Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

 This blog informs the U.S. offshore energy project developers, policy makers, and interest groups in our Community about important policy, regulatory and political matters impacting their industry.  Posts address matters relating to development of offshore renewable energy, oil and gas resources, LNG, and other areas.


Renewable Energy Insights

Published by: Troutman Sanders

A blog about the world of considerations for renewable energy projects from this firm's renewable energy practice team. The content focuses on practical applications and includes links to additional information and resources. Topics include: construction; government incentives; operations; planning & development; regulation; tax, structure and financing; and technology.


Renewable Energy Law Blog

Published by: Shems Dunkiel Raubvogel & Saunders PLLC

This is a blog that provides information, news and commentary about the law, science and policy of renewable energy development. Regularly updated posts contain convenient links to original source material and the site also includes links to additional renewable energy, biodiesel, wind energy, geothermal, solar, fuel cell, hydro, ocean/wave energy and biomass resources.


Renewable + LawSM

Published by:  Stoel Rives LLP

Stephen Hall and his firm's Renewable Energy Initiative intend this blog to be a catalyst for lively discussion about renewable energy and climate policies, major renewable energy projects, emerging technologies, market developments, new laws, tax credits and industry scuttlebutt.   Their avowed passion for solar energy, wind energy, biofuels, ocean and hydrokinetic energy, biomass, waste-to-energy, geothermal and other clean technologies is evident in the care they take with this blog-the posts are frequent, the topics are interesting and cutting edge, and the writing is top notch.


The Energy Law Blog

Published by:  Liskow and Lewis

This blog covers oil and gas exploration, development and marketing in the Gulf Coast. In addition to environmental topics, the authors address insurance, litigation, property and regulatory law, with an emphasis on items relating to offshore matters, oil and gas contracts, pipelines and royalties.





American College of Environmental Lawyers

Published by the ACOEL

This is an authoritative, educational blog written by members of the invitation-only professional association of lawyers who are recognized by their peers as preeminent in the field of environmental law. In addition to posts about air, energy, water, hazardous materials and environmental justice, the blog also provides news updates and information about conferences and events. It even has a section on tips for effective blogging.


 Becker's Environmental Law Update

Published by Belin McCormick P.C.

Written by Iowa environmental law attorney Chuck Becker, this blog provides updates on legislative and regulatory developments, analyzes case law, and gives some keen insight about a wide variety of issues, including environmental politics and environmental innovations.


CLF Scoop

Published by conservation law foundation

This blog includes provides news, advocacy and information from the CLF.


Corporate Environmental Lawyer Blog

Published by Jenner & Block

This recent addition to the blawgosphere addresses critical environmental, health and safety developments and provides important updates about air, water, CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, OSHA and climate change.


Dot Earth

Published by The New York Times

Andrew C. Revkin examines the efforts to balance human affairs with the planet's limits. The blog tracks relevant developments from "suburbia to Siberia," and bills itself as an "interactive exploration of trends and ideas with readers and experts."


Ear To The Ground

 Published by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

The Chair of the Environmental Practice Group at Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley blogs about the law and science of the environment and toxic torts.



Published by The Ecosystem Marketplace and EKO Asset Management Partners

An open discussion on environmental markets (markets for carbon, water, biodiversity, etc.) and how to better incorporate environmental issues and the health of ecosystems into our economic system.


Environmental Legal Blogs

 Published by Stephen Holzer

This blog about developments in environmental law goes beyond ordinary boundaries to include categories such as bio-monitoring, e-waste, environmentalists, green party, indoor air pollution, second-hand smoke and volcanic pollution.



Published by Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association

Envirosphere provides timely notice of legal events affecting environmental lawyers from the public and private sectors, environmental organizations, and academia. These legal events include recent cases, new regulations, new government policies, and just general news of interest on the environmental front. Arnold & Porter attorney  J. Cullen Howe, as blog administrator, selects topics based on personal choice or referrals from Section members for the purpose of sharing knowledge, exploring, and illustrating interrelated (and in some cases interdisciplinary) aspects of current news events and the latest thinking in public policy, law, and regulation.



Published by Hank Green and Dave Loos

An eco-politics blog that provides "Enviros" with a place they can go for news and analysis of politics from an environmental perspective. The authors haven't blogged much in the past year, but hopefully this nomination will inspire them to get back on track and, yes, to crack a joke now and again.



Published by The New York Times

Formerly known as Green, Inc., this blog about energy and the environment blog became Green on Earth Day, 2010. Drawing upon the comprehensive resources of The New York Times, this frequently updated array of daily posts highlight the intersection of business and the environment, with additional emphasis on politics and policy, environmental science and consumer choices.



Published by Greenberg Glusker LLP

This is a crisp, lively blog from an engaged group of contributors that's about the place where law and the environment connect.


Green Law

Published by Pace Law School

Written by a contributing group of faculty members from the Pace Environmental Law Programs, this blog is informative, hard-hitting and incisive.


Green Patent Blog

Published by Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps

This blog covers intellectual property issues in green technology, a niche topic whose time has definitely arrived.  There is a welcome clarity to the writing here, which goes a long way toward helping the uninitiated follow complex patent law issues.



Published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

The official blog of the U.S. EPA provides a forum where EPA employees (and occasional guests) write about the things they bring to their jobs every day. The blog also has a weekly Science Wednesday feature in which the authors write about the science behind environmental protection.


Law and the Environment

Published by Scott Deatherage

This blog provides commentary and insights on the complex and evolving legal, policy, and scientific issues relating to law and the environment.


SOLUTIONS for a sustainable and desirable future

Published by:  Solutions

More of an online journal of commentary articles than a true blog, the "Perspectives" section of the Solutions website provides an offbeat, refreshing look at solutions brought to you by the business leaders, academics, policymakers and designers who work in the sustainability field.


SPR Environmental Law Blog

Published by:  Sive, Paget & Riesel

A blog that addresses all of the popular topics: climate change, Superfund/CERCLA, Renewable Energy, Marcellus Shale & Hydrofracking, and SEQRA. The analysis here is thorough and precise.


Sustainable Marks

Published by: Espinosa | Trueba PL

This is a law blog about trademarks, patents and  advertising from a green perspective. Michael Tschupp posts a roundup of the new green trademarks that the USPTO processes each week.



Published by Natural Resources Defense Council

The staff blog of the Natural Resources Defense Council includes information about the NRDC's work, in-depth policy documents, action alerts and ways readers can contribute.


The Brockovich Report

Published by:  Erin Brockovich

Ms. Brockovich writes from the perspective of an everyday person who wants "to help others in time of need or at least be a shoulder to lean on." She makes it clear upfront that she's not a lawyer or a scientist. Her tools are communication and common sense, and her blog is part of the arsenal that helps her to stand united and (as she puts it) "fight back against an enemy we can't always see, until it is too late."


unEARTHED, the Earthjustice Blog

Published by EarthJustice

A forum for the voices and stories of the people behind the work of Earthjustice, a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment. Earthjustice was founded in 1971 as The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund.





Construction Law Musings

Published by Construction Law Musings - Richmond, VA

This is a blog about the world of sustainable construction and the legal issues that face contractors, subcontractors and even construction lawyers in this growing field. The topics range from LEED certification to the author's role on the Build2Sustain advisory board. In a nod to the author's growing online network of Web 2.0 media and Twitter contacts (as well as his three dimensional colleagues) the blog also features a Guest Post Friday series on topics relevant to (green) construction.


Environmental and Sustainability Law

Published by Smith Gambrell & Russell LLP

A blog that concentrates on various legal issues in the sustainability context, such as permitting, renewable energy, bio-fuels, greenhouse gas regulations, clean water, mold, conservation land use, sustainable construction and carbon audits and offsets. The authors also address other issues heavily impacted by green initiatives, including finance, lending, private equity funding, vendor agreements, intellectual property of Cleantech and renewable energy technology, and tax strategies.


Environmental & Land Development Blog

Published by:  Alston & Bird

Authored by the firm's Environmental and Land Development team, this blog focuses on key environmental compliance, litigation and land development issues. Topic categories include air quality, CERCLA/RCRA, criminal investigations, environmental review (CEQA/NEPA), GHG/climate change, green chemistry, legislation and public policy from the state, local, federal and international perspectives, and water quality/water supply.


Green Building Law

Published by Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

Shari Shapiro is the attorney/LEED Accredited Professional author of this "pre-consumer, non-recycled content" about green building and the law.


Green Building Law Brief

Edited by Will Pearce, LEED AP BD+C

This blog provides newsletter content on topics of interest to those in green building and sustainability industry professionals; had a strong start in early 2010 but needs updating.


Green Building Law Update

Published by Chris Cheatham and Cheatham Consulting, LLC

The construction consultant/LEED AP author of this blog writes about codes and regulations, legal developments and trends.


Green Real Estate Law Journal

Published by Stephen Del Percio and Arent Fox LLP

A blog for the green building industry that highlights content relating to green building litigation, green construction contracts, green leases, green building performance, green building legislation and green real estate finance.


Law of the Lands - Farm, Energy and Enviro Law

Published by Cohen Highley LLP

Written by associate attorney John Goudy, this blog provides legal information for landowners.


Real Estate, Land Use & Environmental Law Blog

Published by Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

This blog contains up-to-date information about the nexus between real estate, land use, and environmental law. The site also links out to commentary and full-length articles wind and solar energy, global climate change and endangered species act practices, and urban fringe planning.


Real Property & Environmental Law Alert

Published by Gibbons PC

A rotating group of contributors writes about transactional real estate, development and redevelopment, and environmental law. Although there is some focus on developments in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Delaware, the content is also national in scope.





BP Oil Spill Lawyers Blog

Published by Berniard Law Firm

Written from a claimant's perspective, this is a blog about the legal and environmental ramifications of the BP Oil Spill that provides a detailed look into on-the-ground developments in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.


Oil Spill Disaster

Published by The Environmental Defense Fund

This is a blog devoted exclusively to the BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill. Topic categories include coastal restoration, ocean life and fishing, clean energy future, chemical dispersants and wildlife at risk.




China Environmental Law

Published by Squire Sanders & Dempsey

A discussion of China's environmental and energy laws, regulations and policies, written Charlie McElwee an international energy and environmental lawyer based in Shanghai. This blog has a strong following and generates a good number of comments from the university crowd. The author hasn't written much lately, but the items he does post are interesting and insightful.



Published by Akin Bump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

This blog provides legal and policy intelligence for the investment and regulated communities in three major climate change categories:  US Law and Policy, Litigation and International Law and Policy.


Global Climate Law Blog

Published by Howrey LLP

 A blog that provides considered discussion of issues relating to global climate law and litigation. Topic categories include insurance recovery, intellectual property, securities disclosure.






Published by Press Potter & Dozier, LLC

Daniel P. Dozer writes a blog that focuses on alternative dispute resolution and environmental law.


Environmental - Appeals Court

Published by Waste Information & Management Services, Inc.

This site features environmental decisions from all circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals from the pages of the WIMS Daily Environmental Briefing Report.


Environmental Crimes Blog

Published by Walter D. James III, PLLC

This blog focuses on environmental crimes and enforcement, from pre-trial to trial strategy.


Environmental Law & Litigation

Published by Saxe Law Office

This blog serves up news and analysis (but not advice) from top environmental lawyers Dianne Saxe and Jackie Campbell.


Environmental Law Resource

Published by Reed Smith LLP

The experts at Reed Smith provide updates and analysis on environmental law issues, rulings and developments from jurisdictions across the globe.


Environmental Toxic Torts Blog

Published by Davis, Graham and Stubbs LLP

Gail Wertzler's blog suffers from lack of attention, but is worth a glance for its commentary on defense strategy in the area of environmental toxic torts.


Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, Natural Resource Law

Published by University of Kentucky College of Law

An academic blog dedicated to developing thought-provoking dialogue between legal scholars, practitioners and students in the fields of equine, agricultural and natural resources law.





Environmental Law in Washington State

Published by Hirsch Law Office

This compelling (but sporadic) blog about regional topics is written by a geomorphologist lawyer with an abiding interest in land and water and now these react to human use and development.

Published by Bruce Ritchie

This blog brings you environmental news from Florida's capital.


Municipal & Planning Law Blog

 Published by Davis LLP

Contributors from the firms Municipal Law and Environmental Law practice groups offer a look at how municipal law and planning affects the environment.


Ohio Environmental Law Blog

Published by Joseph P. Koncelik of Frantz Ward LLP

This blog provides insight and commentary for the business and legal community, with a special emphasis on developments in the State of Ohio.


Pennsylvania Brownfields and Environmental Law

 Published by Fox Rothschild LLP

Joel Bolstein starting this blog in 2007 as a way of communicating with others interested in all matters relating to the reuse of former industrial sites in Pennsylvania and around the country.  His posts fuel the dialog about brownfield redevelopment projects between government policy makers, developers, attorneys, lenders, consultants, and members of the general public.


  • For the past three years, Green Patent Blog has provided great content.  The blog is consistently updated with new information that is relevant and timely.  Blog posts are well written and informative.  

  • Jack McNeill's PEN-E blog is not only well-written and informative, but provides unique coverage of topics in environmental law.  A must-read for environmental law practitioners and students.

  • Pen-e provides me with information on documents and other information sources that are not necessarily in the headlines but are of importance.

  • The Corporate Environmental Lawyer blog provides timely updates on key regulatory developments of interest to U.S. businesses and their counsel.

  • The Center for Climate Change Law's blog discusses legal developments around the country as they affect political climate activities.

  • First- - Thanks for the great list! And I'd like to support the nomination for the "ESA Blawg" published by Keith W. Rizzardi. It's a great site with timely posts on important ESA developments.  I'm a moderator for the ESA Practitioners group in LinkedIn -- and it was the first RSS feed we signed up for.

    I also support the Endangered Species Law and Policy blog by Nossaman LLP -- another good one. Thanks!

  • We appreciate the nomination of the Climate Change Attorney Blog

  • We were thrilled and honored to be included among such an esteemed list of bloggers. Thank you so much for listing our three blogs -- eNewsUSA, Environmental Appeals Court, and Great Lakes Environment.

    Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS)

  • Climate Change Attorney Blog provides a great deal of information, not just for those interested in the regulatory side of the issue. I read it all the time to keep up to date on all things related to the environment.

  • Please consider The Pump Handle at It is an excellent resource for environmental and occupational health!

  • Thanks for the nomination of the Humane Society of the United States' blog, a Humane Nation! Our president Wayne Pacelle writes daily about a wide range of animal issues that affect wildlife, farm animals, pets and other animals.

  • Thank you for nominating Natural Resources Today as one of the top 50 blogs. We are striving to make the blog both useful on a regular basis to legal practitioners and policymakers and to focus on high quality journalism.

    The blog is, as all are, a work in progress and we welcome story ideas and other suggestions.

    Please visit us, add us to your bookmarks list or RSS feed, and consider visiting the blog's Facebook page (search "Natural Resources Today").

    Oh, yes, one more thing: Please vote for Natural Resources Today!

    Thank you!

  • This is to support the nomination of to be among the top 50 environmental law blog sites.  Our members cover almost every state and subareas within environmental law.  Count on our blog posts to report on timely and topical local and regional issues that might not appear in other blogs of a national scope.

  • As one of the leading offshore wind developers in the nation, I rely on a number of sources to give me the best and most up to date intelligence on federal/state policy, environmental initiatives, supply chain, and related topics to help steer our project.  Jen Simon's blog is one of my best resources I have found and nominate her blog for the best Environmental Law Blog.  Not only is it informative, but with renewable energy taking center stage in the nation's quest to reduce our reliance on foreign sources of energy, the blog is more than relevant in these times.  Kudos to Jen!!!!

  • PEN-e is a great blog. It is well written with a variety of current and timely environmental law related information.  It is extremely valuable source for legal practitioners as well as students.

    You may also consider the following animal law related blog. Animal Blawg at written by Prof. David Cassuto, aimed at animal law, ethics and policy.