State Net Capitol Journal Legislative Updates: Connecticut Moves To Control Runaway Bamboo

State Net Capitol Journal Legislative Updates: Connecticut Moves To Control Runaway Bamboo

 ENVIRONMENT: The CONNECTICUT Senate approves a bill that would impose a $100 fine on residents who fail to control the growth of bamboo on their property and require people who sell or install running bamboo to educate customers on the plant's growing habits and recommended containment methods. The bill, which also makes people who plant running bamboo liable for any damage it causes to neighboring properties, including the cost of removing any bamboo that spreads to neighboring properties, moves to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy (D) for review (CBSLOCAL.COM [WTIC [HARTFORD]). • The OREGON Senate approves HB 3364, a bill that requires Beaver State government agencies to minimize their use of pesticides, coordinate their efforts and find alternatives on state-owned lands. It moves to Gov. John Kitzhaber (D), who is expected to sign it into law (STATESMAN JOURNAL [SALEM]). • The CALIFORNIA Senate unanimously approves SB 731, a measure that would amend and streamline the California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA. The bill would, among several things, standardize statewide thresholds for the environmental impacts of traffic and noise for infill projects and prohibit lawsuits based solely on a project's aesthetics. It moves to the Assembly (STATE NET). 

BUSINESS: The CONNECTICUT House approves HB 6527, legislation that would require food products to include labels telling consumers of any genetically modified organisms. But for the bill to go into effect, five other states with an aggregate population of 25 million people must pass similar legislation, with two of those states being NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK or another that borders Connecticut. The bill is now back in the Senate, which had earlier passed a bill (SB 802) requiring only three other states to adopt similar legislation (HARTFORD COURANT • Also in CALIFORNIA, the Assembly unanimously approves AB 227, a bill that would allow small business owners who receive notice of a technical signage violation of Proposition 65 - the Golden State statute requiring businesses to display signage warning consumers of potentially hazardous materials on site - to achieve compliance within fourteen days and pay a small civil fine. It moves to the Senate (STATE NET).

ENERGY: MINNESOTA Gov. Mark Dayton (D) signs HB 854, legislation that requires Gopher State investor-owned utilities to get 1.5 percent of their power from solar energy by 2020 and 10 percent by 2030 (BRAINERD DISPATCH, MINNESOTA GOVERNOR'S OFFICE).

- Compiled by RICH EHISEN

BUDGETS IN BRIEF: NEW JERSEY Gov. Chris Christie (R) announced a $300 million federally funded program to buy 300 flood-prone homes along the Passaic River and 1,000 homes damaged by superstorm Sandy (NORTHJERSEY.COM)

- Compiled by KOREY CLARK

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