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Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
California's State Water Resources Control Board warns water-right holders of possible cutback

Prior posts have noted that California is, once again, experiencing a drought. As a result, the SWRCB has issued a warning to all holders of water rights that their right to divert water this year may be curtailed. [Under the California Constitution and...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
Cal-EPA Secretary asks U.S. EPA to allow California to enforce ban on sewage discharges by ships in California's waters

In 2005, California enacted a law that prevented all privately-owned ocean going vessels of 300+ tons from discharging human waste or grey water into California waters. See http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/05-06/bill/sen/sb_0751-0800/sb_771_bill_20051006_chaptered...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
Study finds that longterm exposure to ozone increases risk of death from lung disease

As noted in prior posts, over the last decade several studies have shown that longterm exposure to PM2.5 and PM10 particles is a risk factor for morbidity and death from heart and lung disease. Now, an 18-year study that evaluated the impact of ozone...

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Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
What would an acidic ocean look like? Here is an example, though extreme

As noted in prior posts, scientific concern has been expressed for several years over the potential for an increase in atmospheric CO2 levels to acidify the oceans. Ironically, a natural laboratory exists on what an extreme acidification might look like...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
Rock & Roll as insecticide? At least for Mormon crickets, it acts as a repulsive force

Various media posts over the years have noted that opera played loud outside convenience stores has the effect of keeping teenagers from hanging around. Now, the residents of Tuscacora, Nevada (after reading in an old local newspaper how a resident used...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
EPA to test 67 pesticide chemicals to ascertain if they are endocrine disruptors; eventually all pesticide chemicals to be tested

EPA has identified the first 67 pesticide chemicals to be assessed as potential endocrine disruptors; ultimately the program will require that all pesticide chemicals be tested. Although the notice disclaims that any inference should be drawn regarding...