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Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
The debate over extinction rates in the world's forests

The media constantly refer to the rate of extinction of various life forms in forests (and other habitats) as though this is known to a high degree of scientific certainty. It is not. In this post I review the nature of the debate and cite to some of...

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LexisNexis® Environmental Law & Climate Change Center Podcast featuring Special Envoy C. Boyden Gray, speaking at the symposium Law and the Environment: Designing a Transatlantic Agenda

On this edition, Special Envoy C. Boyden Gray, former board member of the Atlantic Council of the United States and former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, speaking at the symposium Law and the Environment: Designing a Transatlantic Agenda. Copyright...

Gabrielle Sigel
Jenner & Block: Carbon Cap-and-Trade Programs: European and Domestic Designs Provide Insight for New Administration

In this Emerging Issues Analysis, Gabrielle Sigel of Jenner & Block's Chicago office examines the key features of carbon cap-and-trade programs by discussing and comparing the basic design elements of the only multi-national, fully operational...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
EPA seeks to use TSCA to ascertain and assess adverse health and environmental concerns from nanosubstances, but are the tools adequate to the task? Possibly not

As noted in prior posts, nanoparticles appear to offer significant promise in many fields of endeavor (e.g., their application to thin-film solar cells to yield much higher efficiencies). Frequently such new technologies generate much hype along with...

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Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
EPA approves new ASTM standard for CERCLA 'all appropriate inquiry' defense involving purchase of forest and rural tracts of 120+ acres

In 2002, the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act ("the Brownfields Amendments") was signed into law; in part, the Brownfields Amendments revised some of the provisions of CERCLA Section 101(35) and limited Superfund...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
EPA attempt to disclaim CO2 emissions from PSD program is criticized and challenged

In a Dec. 31, 2008, Federal Register notice (73 Fed. Reg. 80,300), EPA took the position that it is not required to consider CO2 emissions when issuing permits under the CAA's prevention of significant deterioration program. The rationale for the...

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