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Electric cars may entail more than putting an electric motor where the internal combustion engine goes

The replacement of the internal combustion engine and drive-train with electric motor(s), batteries, and control systems is leading to a rethink of the way in which cars are designed and manufactured. One of the proposals, which dates from the turn of the last century, is the hub motor, an idea originally...

  • 07-26-2010 | 22:23 PM
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Marten Law Group: By Taking Action on Fuel Economy Standards, President Orders Automakers to Produce More Fuel Efficient Cars

In this Emerging Issues Analysis, Alyssa Moir of Marten Law Group reports on two Executive Orders issued in January 2009 by President Obama: (1) a request to EPA to revisit the denial of California's CAA waiver request to lower auto emission standards, and (2) an order to the NHTSA to issue interim...