Sources of Assets for Special Needs Trusts: Litigation Proceeds

Sources of Assets for Special Needs Trusts: Litigation Proceeds

When funding a SNT with proceeds from personal injury litigation, whether as the result of settlement, arbitration, or court order, care must be taken to consider all relevant factors, including projected costs over the beneficiary's expected lifetime, any required paybacks for medical expenses or liens, tax implications, potential effect on public benefits eligibility, and more.

A first-party SNT is frequently funded through the proceeds from litigation arising out of personal injury, such as birth injury, medical malpractice, auto accidents, mass tort, negligence, etc.  Because of the way the judicial system works, the litigation proceeds may come through a settlement, an award through arbitration, an agreement through court-ordered mediation or through a judgment. However, regardless of the process, the steps in the judicial process where the proceeds are obtained may affect the analysis that goes into creating and funding the SNT.

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