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Michael H. Erde
Hot Topics in Elder Law – Week of March 8, 2010

1. The Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act was effective January 1, 2010. 2. Watch HB 1826 , i.e., Civil Union Act as to guardian and probate rules as to same sex relationships (See CBA Record Sept 2009). 3...

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Lisa Johnson
Personal Care Agreements

A recent Wall Street Journal article addressed an issue that is becoming a concern for more than 25% of the adult population in the U.S.: Providing voluntary care for elderly or sick family members and friends. This percentage will continue to...

Letha Sgritta McDowell
2010 - The Year of Carryover Basis

The last issue of the Oast & Hook News addressed the estate tax laws that are effective for 2010. This issue of the Oast and Hook News will explore the issue of carryover basis. In previous years, the beneficiaries of estates received a great...

Deirdre R. Wheatley-Liss
Disclaimers - Saying "No" to Your Inheritance

The New York Times ran an article " Saying 'No Thanks' to a Bequest ". In the article, Deborah L. Jacobs explores how a disclaimer provision either included in an estate plan, or created after death, can achieve some estate tax savings...

Andrew H. Hook, CELA, CFP®
Medicare Costs More For Some Beneficiaries

The January 8, 2010, issue of the Oast & Hook News discussed Medicare premiums for 2010, and stated that some beneficiaries would pay higher part B premiums in 2010. Most beneficiaries will not see an increase in 2010 because of the Social Security...

David A. Shulman
A "Holographic" Will is ALWAYS invalid in Florida, unless it is properly executed

One thing that makes our country both great and frustrating is that for certain types of law, there are often different, incompatible, conflicting laws that vary by state. On occasion, various committees are formed to draft "Uniform"...