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Andrew H. Hook, CELA, CFP®
Medicare Costs More For Some Beneficiaries

The January 8, 2010, issue of the Oast & Hook News discussed Medicare premiums for 2010, and stated that some beneficiaries would pay higher part B premiums in 2010. Most beneficiaries will not see an increase in 2010 because of the Social Security...

David A. Shulman
A "Holographic" Will is ALWAYS invalid in Florida, unless it is properly executed

One thing that makes our country both great and frustrating is that for certain types of law, there are often different, incompatible, conflicting laws that vary by state. On occasion, various committees are formed to draft "Uniform"...

Jennifer Hillman
A GUIDING HAND: Assisting An Ailing Testator With Signing Their Will

The heirs of Melvin Simon, the billionaire shopping mall magnate, are embroiled in a bitter estate struggle contesting a will signed by Mr. Simon seven months before his death. Simon's eldest daughter claims there was undue influence because Simon's...

LexisNexis Estate and Elder Law Community Staff
Leanna Hamill on Adjusting an Estate Plan During the Divorce Process

On this edition, attorney Leanna Hamill of Hingham, Mass. discusses adjusting an estate plan during the divorce process. She explains the importance of ensuring that the right person is appointed to make medical decisions, the impact of divorce on trusts...

Deirdre R. Wheatley-Liss
Top 10 Elder Law Decisions of 2009

The most important Elder Law decisions from around the country are summarized here. Each case is relevant to New Jersey as elder law often involves Medicaid, which is subject to "supposedly uniform" federal regulation as jointly funded and administered...

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Adam J. Gottlieb
Can you Move a Uniform Transfers to Minors Act Account to a 529 Plan?

By Adam J. Gottlieb Introduction As the Beneficiary of an UTMA account approaches the age when the account will terminate (“Termination Age”, usually 18 or 21), the UTMA Custodian may be considering his or her options as to the UTMA...