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Jennifer Hillman
Recent Case May Expand the Safe Harbor Provisions of EPTL 3-3.5

In terrorem clauses are a valuable drafting tool for a testator to prevent unwarranted will contests, however a recent case, Matter of Singer , 2009 N.Y. LEXIS 4475, 2009 NY Slip Op 9265 (Ct. App. Dec. 15, 2009) , has broadened the latitude of a beneficiary’s...

LexisNexis Estate and Elder Law Community Staff
Schedule for Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning, January 25-29, 2010

Scheduled for January 25-29, 2010 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center, the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning is the nation’s leading conference for estate planning professionals. The Institute covers topics of...

Hon. C. Raymond Radigan
Alternatives to Article 81 Mental Hygiene Law Proceedings

Mental Hygiene Law Article 81 was established to provide a guardianship system that could be tailored to the individual needs of an incapacitated person and at the same time afford that individual the greatest amount of independence, self-determination...

Tags: Guardianship
Aaron Skloff
Avoiding a Variable Universal Life Insurance Implosion

Most people purchase life insurance to protect their family when they passed away. Unlike term, universal or whole life insurance, where there is no financial market risk component, Variable Universal Life insurance (VULI) is subject to financial market...

Alice Magdziak
Estate Tax and Other Federal Tax Provisions Expiring on December 31st

The estate tax along with tax provisions like the annual alternative minimum tax patch, the deduction for state and local sales taxes, the $4,000 deduction for college tuition, a provision that allows taxpayers age 70-and-a-half or older to transfer up...

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Adam J. Gottlieb
Intrafamily Loans – IRC Sec. 7872

By Adam J. Gottlieb Before 1984, a high-income taxpayer could loan money to a lower income taxpayer without charging interest on the loan and the loan terms would be respected on their face. For example, a parent could loan money to his or her child...