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Alice Magdziak
Should You Add Provisions for Email and Social Networking Accounts in a Will?

An article on an Australian news website run by Fox (news.com.au) recently posed the question, “What happens to email and social networking profiles when you die?” Assuming that the person dies without telling someone how to access all his...

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Jennifer Hillman
Til Death Do Us Part: Post-Death Annulment of Marriage and the Right of Election

Due to an inconsistency between the Domestic Relations Law and the Estate Powers and Trusts Law, a voidable marriage (due to fraud, duress or incompetence) may be annulled post-death, however a former spouse will still be able to take their elected share...

Lisa McManus
Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity

At the ABA Annual meeting this past summer, I attended a CLE program entitled “ Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity: Ethical Challenges and Strategies in an Age of Elder Abuse .” Hosted by the American Bar Association through, among...

Aaron Skloff
How the New Jersey Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program Works

About half the population who will reach the age of 65 are expected to enter a nursing home at least once in their lifetime. A 55 year-old New Jersey (NJ) resident is expected to pay over $300,000 for one year of nursing home care when they are likely...

Adam J. Gottlieb
Is That Irrevocable Trust Really Irrevocable? – Perhaps Not

By Adam J. Gottlieb I. Introduction. Even under normal circumstances, at some point after an irrevocable trust is created and funded, it may no longer serve the purpose for which it was originally intended. But what options are available to the grantor...

David Goldfarb
Problems with New York’s New Power of Attorney Law

New York enacted a new power of attorney law in 2008, effective September 1, 2009. The new law contains major changes relating to both the content and the execution of the power of attorney form, including an acceptance by the agent. If a principal wants...